DHS added to Extended Evening Hours from April13th

Maybe there’s some event happening at MK on the 13th, like the CM recognition event that got cancelled because of weather.

There’s a cheer competition 4/12 and 4/13. It seems to be commonplace now for the competitions to have a MK party night as well as a HWS extended hours night they’re invited to as well.

For example, I’ll be down during the Dance and Cheerleading Worlds - April 23-25 - they are having extending HWS hours that Friday and a MK Celebration party on Monday

Heh, I’ll be down there that weekend. Good to know this info. :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking more and more like a one-off (for now).


I’ll be at HS that night and will report barring my kids bailing at 8 pm :rofl: