DH does not like his Magic Band Color

I ALWAYS ask what color Magic Band each member of my family wants. The Bands arrived today and DH says “I did not pick Green.” Honestly, I do not remember what color he picked. Can I get a standard Grey Band when we check in? If not, I guess that I can buy him one…

I think you would have to buy it.
You could do…
or something like that

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Or paint it/decorate it. I have never done it but there is a post on the boards here that have amazing bands that people have decorated/painted. As soon as our bands come I’m going to do ours! Can’t wait! Just a thought, not sure how much work you want to put into remedying the situation. :smiley:

Found the link to the thread: Decorating Magic Bands

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Umm, he’s going to WDW. #firstworldproblem


I’d think a cover (fabric or stickers) would be cheaper than buying him a new one.

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I’m tinkerbell and he’s grumpy. I showed him the covers. He said, it’s not what he wants…ugh. Thank you though!

WOW! That’s amazing. I may try it on an old band first. I’m not very crafty. Thank you !

51 weeks out of the years are his. 1 week is kind. I know, right…it’s the happiest freaken place in the world :smile: I allow my family to go with me :kissing:

I have a grumpy too so i understand!
My daughter used nail polish and painted hers her dads and her brothers. I used Duck tape… YES Duck tape! and covered mine. Walmart has decorative duck tape…from camo to peacock feathers…maybe something like that will appease the grump :wink:

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I dont know how to share a picture here or i would.

Short tutorial for ducktape… stick it on the band, use finger nail to trace the divot between the colored band and the grey extender, use exact-o knife to carefully cut along the divot. Peel away the salvage (sewing term) and your done!

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Very Very Cool! Thank you!

See if you can see picture

The page says it’s a bad link.

If you have magicbands from previous trips just take one of the old ones that he used before. No need to purchase anything extra!

Thank You! It took some looking, but I found a grey band from a previous trip. Do they stop working after a certain period of time? or being left in extreme conditions?

I have heard they are good for two years.

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They are pretty resilient. If it doesn’t work though you can always go to the front desk at the resort or to guest services and they will replace it with a gray one.

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Thank you @Jedilogray and @PrincessYoda. I think we got the grey band in Feb '14. I am glad that Disney will replace it, if it does not work. Thanks Again! 6 day 14 hours :grinning:

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