Detailed crowd report - Tuesday, Nov 18 2014

Starting today, we will be posting the perform of our predictions for Walt Disney World attraction wait times. The attractions in the report are the attractions that contribute to the crowd levels.

  1. Super awesome.
  2. Is your gold standard (comparator) just the Disney posted wait time? (Which would be ironic given that TP in fact more accurate much of the time.) I note that you don’t have “actual” wait times posted in your graphs and I’m sure that you use that information for internal accuracy calculations, but is there enough data to incorporate “actual” wait times rather than the (highly imperfect) “Disney Posted” surrogate?

Post wait times are the only thing we can objectively compare with Disney and our competitors. We do evaluate the submitted “actual” wait times submitted in Lines to our predictions. The problem for a daily report is the random nature of users submitting actual wait times.

It might be interesting to add the submitted actual wait times to the charts.