Detailed crowd report - December 9-15, 2014

forum_rpt2014-12-09.pdf (450.2 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-10.pdf (471.8 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-11.pdf (448.8 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-12.pdf (456.1 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-13.pdf (362.4 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-14.pdf (457.8 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-15.pdf (361.9 KB)

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Correct me if I’m wrong @Lentesta , but Touring Plans doesn’t even attempt to match Disney’s posted wait times, as they may be adjusted by Disney for various reasons - crowd control, etc. So these comparisons don’t really mean a lot. Now if you could compare actual wait times to posted wait times, I’d think you’d have a better comparison.

Ah, this is a good idea. Something like this chart? The green dots are Liner- and Disney-reported actuals.

Yes, that’s what I was thinking. I notice that actual wait times were pretty consistently below the Disney posted wait times - which is why I love touring plans, as it’s far more accurate.