Destino Club question

We have a 2021 Destino Club reservation. Our flight gets in at 9am for a no-park day. If check in is 3pm, what time can we actually get access to the club room? Does anyone know.

Although you do not have access to your room you always have access to the lounge before/after check out. You will need your access to be activated (usually your MB that gives your floor access to the lounge but if you don’t have a MB I guess it would be an old key card?).

The only thing you would need to be aware of is that the lounges usually shut down for a little while during the transition from one meal period to another.


People were arriving at breakfast when I was there so you can definitely check in at that time. It just can’t be before they open in the morning or after they close at night. They never closed during the day, they just didn’t have food out for short periods between meal services. We loved it, I hope it opens back up for you!

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OK. when we get off Magic Express approx 10am, we’ll see if a CM can activate us.

Yeah, not sure what a post-covid club will look like now.