Dessert party - what's your favorite?

I’m trying to narrow down one dessert party for our trip. Of all the dessert parties you’ve attended in the past, which one did you like best? Possibilities for us would be Hallowishes (when dates are released), HEA, Star Wars at HS, or the Epcot one (thinking probably not that one). We’ve never even stayed awake for any of the fireworks before so any of the options will be super special. I have 2 boys and they are big Star Wars fans, but we are also going to MNNSHP for the first time. I would love any opinions on your past experiences! Thanks!

How old are your boys and what date are you looking at for the party? I would hesitate on using so much party time but the parade viewing and dessert party is a great combination (but is usually more than the party ticket). I loved the SW party and StormTroopers walking through the party was great- but you are paying for alcohol at that one. Honestly, I think I would pick HEA- garden view.

Thanks for replying! My boys are 9 and 11 and the party is Sept 12. I’ve heard the HEA garden view is wonderful!

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The Halloween Party early in the season should be relatively easy to find a good spot in Frontier Land for the parade and then a spot for HalloWishes.

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If they are Star Wars fans, the Dessert Party is really wonderful. The Stormtroopers walking around were fun, plus hardly any waits for BB-8, Kylo Ren and Chewbacca meet and greets. DS8 had a ball and it was nice to have the front and center viewing without the crowds for the show. That being said, we’re giving the HEA one a try in June, so I’m hoping we enjoy that one just as much!

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Thanks! I would love to hear your review when you get back!