Dessert party tickets for MNSSHP

Hi guys, has anyone been able to buy dessert party tickets today? I just tried for Oct 4th with the Garden Viewing, and the party tickets are linked to my account, but it says no tickets available for that date.
I also checked some other dates and they were not available then either.

I also tried for my October dates and my clients but tickets are only out through 9/30. I’m super annoyed as this was not communicated in the announcement, just that they would go on sale today.

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I’ve contemplated it for 8/23 but I don’t feel like waiting on the phone to use a gift card and I’m also not sure that $93 is worth it for some cheese, chocolate covered strawberries, and wine (which is what I’d eat since I’m gluten-free, but I DESPISE Erin McKenna crap, which is what their allergy plate is populated with - so I wouldn’t mention the allergy).

I got terrace party tickets for 9/11

Although given that my date is now sold out for the party, I’m thinking about it…

I’m a bougie princess who loves dessert parties in general, but the way I see it is the newer shows really require you to be in a good spot due to the reliance on projection, so if I’m going to have to pick a spot an hour or more before the show to get a good view anyway then it’s worth it to me to pay a little (ok, a lot) to get drinks & food and a chair to sit on while I wait.

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I got them for 9/5. Checked at around 8 am and wasn’t sure there would be availability but both garden and terrace were. We got garden tickets.

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We did the dessert party 3 years ago during MNSSHP, and found it was a good break to sit down in A/C with the kids and get recharged. Also getting the kids sugared up mid-way through the long night worked to keep them going until the party ended. :smile:
Even though the viewing area wasn’t super close to the stage to see the Jack Skellington puppet, etc, we never would have been able to stand & hold a spot close to everything that far in advance in the heat with a 5 & 8 year old. We enjoyed having a more open spot in the garden area and the kids could see better from there than being crushed in a crowd of adults. I recommend the dessert parties to other families with younger kids for these reasons. :100:


Sadly this year it’s not in air conditioning (Tony’s). It’s at Tomorrowland Terrace like the other MK dessert parties.

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They just went on sale about an hour ago!!! Was able to book my 10/12 Seats and Treats.

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Thank you for the heads-up! I went and purchased mine too. :slight_smile:

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I recently purchased tix to a MNSSHP desert party. Any thoughts on if it is possible to make this work with catching the 9:15 pm parade?

The tix for the dessert party state to arrive at 8:45 pm (1.5 hours before the fireworks) or else you may not be seated. The parade is at 9:15. If the parade ends at 9:35’ish, then we could get to the dessert party around 9:45 pm (that would give us about 15 mins to grab treats and then head to to the garden plaza viewing area).

Another option would be the 11:15 pm parade, but by the time the fireworks are over, it will be late to find a spot for the parade.

What have others done? Our 2 priorities for the party are the parade and the fireworks and we would like to get them both in.

I remember 3 years ago we did the 2nd parade. We had plenty of time to find a front row spot along the route, we were right in front of the hall of presidents.

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I forgot to add we did the dessert party/fireworks first, and then saw the 2nd parade.

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In my experience lots of people leave after the fireworks, and the second parade is far less busy. Unless I read reports of it being otherwise this year my plan is togo get our spot after the party… preferably on the outer hub near the bridge to Tomorrowland so we can hoof it over to Space Mountain for one last ride.

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I also just noticed that our confirmation for the Terrace party says it starts at 9:15, but it also says to arrive 1.5 hours before the fireworks.

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On the back of the Headless Horseman from the parade?

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I saw that too and wondered about the inconsistency, but decided to book the Garden area instead. The garden area party starts at 8:45 pm.

When I booked I was still thinking we’d spend most of that day (a Sunday) in MK, so I wanted to be able to sit in a comfy seat.

Then I changed my mind and decided we’d be better off doing the rest of MK on the Wednesday party day, and just having a resort day on Sunday. The party was already booked and paid for though, so I didn’t consider trying to cancel and book the garden party.

Then I booked a flight that gets us there really early and I went to add + to our 4-day PH, but somehow accidentally added + and a 5th day, so now I’m back to maybe we’ll spend that morning in MK, and I’m happy for the seats.

I’m a full on disaster planning this trip!

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The trip I’m planning is for DW’s extended family of 13 people. Can you imagine what that is like??? :slight_smile: