Dessert Party Reviews

I’ve searched the forum and read several posts related to dessert parties, but I want to ask those who have booked specifically the pre-party dessert party at MK—was it worth it? Are you glad you did it? One and done? Any regrets? You get the idea, lol. I hope someone has a review that will help me decide if I want to fork over the $$ for it!! We will be celebrating DS’s bday and Mother’s Day (he was born ON Mother’s Day, 5/12, which that date is also Mother’s Day this year) so it’s kind of meant to be celebratory in that regard. DS is a huge dessert fan, so I mentioned a dessert party, and he was very excited to do it, but we’d need tix for 4 “adults” and 1 Kid, and that price is way more than I was expecting soooooo I’d love to hear your raves or rants to help me process this decision. :slight_smile: And if you have pics of the view, I’d love to see them!

ETA: If you are NOT a dessert party fan, and have a great alternate viewing location, I am all ears :slight_smile:



Yes (the Garden Plaza view), but it is not something we would do every WDW trip. My kids loved it. DW and I enjoyed the more relaxed viewing area without being shoulder to shoulder in the regular crowds.

I think it is particularly worthwhile with young kids, but it is really hard to say whether it is overall worth the cost for someone else.


That’s fair! Our kids are DD12, DS11, DS9.5 I think they’d LOVE it. I was talking to a friend about it and she pointed out that it’s not that much more than a character dinner lol. She has a point!


Since you specifically mentioned the pre-party, I assume you have chosen it over the after-party.

Some of this is pre-pandemic and others can provide updates. There are two seating locations, the Plaza Garden and the Terrace. The Plaza Garden does not have seating and therefore does not offer reserved seating. The Terrace does have seating and at check-in your seats become reserved.

At our pre-party, the attendance grew to SRO and we choose to stand in the very back and were satisfied with that. Guests who arrived earlier were sitting on the ground / walkways so be prepared. If everyone remains seated the view is good, but there is always that one person in every crowd. The deserts are of average Disney quality and not like what you would find at California Grill. There were no deserts in the plaza garden itself. In essence, your paying for the location. It was a fun experience and not having to camp out for a spot made it even better. Ultimately you may gauge it as one-and-done, but I would not hesitate to try it.


That’s pretty cool. Hope you guys have a great time!


Thank you!

Thank you for the details! Yes, we would do a pre-party on an extra magic hour evening. Actually, when I checked, there were pre-party openings every night of our trip from 5/12-5/16! We have park hoppers and plans are not totally set in stone so I don’t feel super rushed to make a decision, but I probably need to decide sooner rather than later lol

I have done pre party and treats and seats. We will once again be doing preparty this year! My DD and I were in MK in 2021 around the time they started doing the FW shows again after they had stopped for the pandemic. It was insane. It was so crowded it was hard to move. It felt dangerous and I was really nervous about that situation again in 2022. So we did the party and for me, that’s how I want to do FW from now on! As far as is it worth it? For your child a character dining may feel MORE special. My DS13 doesn’t care much about FW and doesn’t even always look up at them! He wants to ride rides, and that’s all. It is worth it to me for the reserved viewing area, based on my previous experience of being stuck in a crazy crowd. So it just depends on your personalities. There are plenty of people whom this would be a waste of money for. And if I only had $500 for one big splurge, FW parties probably wouldn’t be it, but maybe a nice TS instead. Because this is the party: Check in, get a wristband, then you are shown to a table. You go up and grab desserts and drinks from a dessert buffet. When you’re done you go sit on the grass and watch the FW. That is all! For me:worth it. For you??? I have no idea :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this! The preparty experience you described sounds delightful. I am definitely leaning towards doing it. I think the whole family will love it. :slight_smile: