Dessert Party question and TP help - are we held captive?

I am having trouble understanding Dessert parties. I booked the Dessert party with Plaza Viewing for my first MK day because I hate fighting people for an hour and a half just to see a show.

That all said, I have a strange question. Are you held captive in the dessert party? Can we go in, eat some desserts, leave and see some more things (or maybe use the bathroom?), and then go back to the Plaza viewing location? Or at 7:45 when the dessert party starts, do we have to then stay there, moving as a group to the garden until HEA at 9:15? I guess I am asking if we can come and go from the viewing location up until closer to the start time.

And also, if I put the dessert party in as a break on TP, do I put it as a 90 minute break, since it goes straight to HEA then? Right now my TP is squeezing things in between the dessert party and HEA since it obviously doesn’t know that a break is a set event.


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Thanks for asking I have the same questions but couldn’t articulate them😀

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You’re not held captive - you get a wrist band which enables you to come and go as you please. :slight_smile:


you aren’t held captive, but I will say I didn’t find it easy to navigate away from the garden because the hub gets increasingly crowded as it gets within 90 minutes of showtime. We had to be herded from the terrace to the garden by multiple castmembers with light up wands and were still threading our way between people packed in like sardines. Once in the garden viewing area, I didn’t want to leave for fear of not being able to make it back. So if you want a bathroom break I’d take it from the terrace area before making the trek to the garden.

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How soon would you say you need to be planted in the viewing area? 30 min before? 45 min before? is it very crowded in there?

a half hour before is probably plenty of time, I didn’t find it to be overly crowded within the garden, just outside the little walled garden was crazy :slight_smile:

Last time we did it we arrived 10 minutes before HEA and still had a great view. Lots of space still available.

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