Dessert Party in Magic Kingdom

Okay Touring Plans family…after receiving some surprise Christmas money, I went a little crazy/impulsive and booked my family for a tomorrowland terrace fireworks dessert party w/ plaza garden viewing on December 30 for the Fantasy in the sky fireworks. Am I completely nuts? Anyone who has done this party (even if it was a different time of year)…did you think it was worth it? I figured being in the hub during the pre-New Year’s Eve fireworks would be great and not having to fight the crowds is a huge bonus…not to mention DESSERT! Needing some validation that my impulse buy wasn’t completely nuts!

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If I’d had surprise money during our trip this fall, I would have gotten a dessert party. My least favorite part of the trip was being in the crowds for HEA.

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Great minds think alike @TheKarenD! It feels a bit frivolous, but I’m hoping that once we are there that it will be worth the cost.

Did it earlier this month- worth every penny. Just get to the dessert party a bit earlier than is recommended- and scope out the viewing location ahead of time so if an escort is not available you can just walk down.

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I would book that party (garden view) every trip! Make sure you check into the dessert party 15-30 minutes before your scheduled time. The desk to check in is on the Plaza side . I could not get to it from the Monster’s side. Enjoy!

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This is HEA. I took this picture standing along the back fence- with my phone:


Thank you so much @PrincipalTinker and @Happy_2_B! I needed that reassurance. You brought up a great point about check-in. The time of our reservation is 5:15, so I am planning to be there at 4:45. Is that a good plan? Also, we will be coming from the front of the park. How do I get to the entrance? @PrincipalTinker, your comment about not being able to access it near monsters inc threw me off as that was my plan.

GREAT PIC!!! Also, any tips on where to stand? I have an 11, 8, and 6 year old. We have always held up the 6 year old during fireworks and he is sooooo big! Any way we can stand somewhere so that he can see without being held?

If you stand by the back fence there is a small ledge the kids can stand on.

Would it be better to try to stand at the front railing or are there people outside of the reserved area that would be blocking the view? I know once the fireworks start they block off traffic from entering, but I can’t tell from pictures if the kids would be able to see better if we stood at the front of the viewing area near the rail.

Where is the entrance to the dessert party and where did you end up standing in the reserved viewing area?

I think you would need to be in the reserved area at least 45 minutes before the fireworks in order to get the front rail. There is a walkway in front of the rail but I do not know if that would block the view.

It is the old FP viewing area that is fenced in across from the Plaza. You exit the dessert party heading towards the plaza. The walkway is on the right, right after you leave the dessert party area. The entrance to the area is on the left side of that path.

GREAT! Thank you!

One more quick question…how exactly do you get to the Tomorrowland Terrace? You said you can’t get there from Monster’s Inc…is the entrance in Tomorrowland or off of the hub?

If you walk down Main Street towards the castle, you turn right at the Plaza restaurant. Walk past the Plaza and enter the terrace straight ahead. There will be a check in desk on the ramp leading into that area. The terrace seating dessert party is on the left, the garden view area is on the right (with the desserts set up in front of the QS area). Someone will escort you from check in to a table.

We stood right against the front rail (probably got there about 40 minutes ahead of time). There is a walkway, but the CMs do a good job off keeping everyone moving. The only semi-issue we had was that the group with the plaids stood in a roped off area just on the other side of the walkway in front of us and one of the plaids had on a really big hat - and he was tall. A few yelling people behind us got him to remove it. DS8 had no problem having a wonderful view of everything. We loved it and are headed back in January for another dessert party.

I did the plaza garden party and I would do it again. HEA is one of the best firework/projection shows in the world, the party means no stress finding a great viewing area. Plus desserts. You can’t go wrong.

Absolutely money well spent! You will have no regrets when you see the crowds and you have your elbow room! We went with our 6 year old and even showed up on the late side and had no trouble finding a spot. We were in the middle and had a fabulous view. One of our favorite parts of the trip!

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I hope you had the super time that we had. I’m 5’1" and we did the garden viewing dessert party on Dec. 22. Money well spent, but we did things a little differently. We skipped the desserts completely before the castle show and went directly to the garden about 30 min. prior. I got a prime spot against the front fence with my husband easily seeing behind me. Cast members were initially hesitant to enforce the clear walkway in front of us (people would keep trying to back up to our fence and stay), but someone talked with the entry cast member and the walkway was kept clear after that. Show was AMAZING!!! Immediately after it was over, we went back up the ramp to the desserts and drinks (after first making sure this was okay with cast members), helped ourselves to a tiny portion of the huge amount of desserts and sparkling cider left over, and sat at a table with that gorgeous castle view while watching the crowds try to leave Disney. We then sauntered over to 7DMT and PPF with their short lines, and then went back to our hotel on a non-crowded bus. I would do this again for sure the next time we go to WDW (because of course there has to be a next time now, yes?!? :smile:)