Dessert Party (Garden View)

Thinking of booking the MK Dessert Party (Garden) for our visit in May. We will be travelling with an 11, 2 and 1 year old. Is it worth it? From reading other posts I’m not expecting it to be good value for money, but is it worth it to have a more relaxed experience for the fireworks. I don’t fancy having to jostle for a space with 3 kids. Thanks!

I’ve done this party three times now, with a fourth booking already made.

For me it’s totally worth it in terms of stress reduction. Guaranteed decent view, much reduced waiting time. And some nice desserts.

What does value for money really mean? It’s worth it if it’s worth it to you. It’s worth it to me. HEA is amazing and the area outside the Plaza Garden — back in June — looked horrifying. A solid mass of humanity as far as the eye could see. Hot, crowded, ugh!

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This is why I’d someday like to book a dessert party. Unfortunately, HEA won’t be playing when I’m in MK this year, plus this daggon trip is costing us too much already…

We did it this past May with our 3 kids, as we had not yet seen HEA. It was worth it to us. We had space to move around and my kids could see. Since we have seen it once, we don’t plan on doing it next trip. I think we will watch the fireworks from somewhere different next time. Here is a photo of the crowds outside the garden view area.

Compare and contrast:


Worth it is subjective of course. We loved it and think it was worth it. You are paying for the view and not having to stake out a spot an hour in advance. The desserts are fine but not outstanding. They have added a few savory options which is nice. We did find the after fireworks dessert party to be less crowded.

If it’s the only option to have to have a reserved viewing section for fireworks?

Then YES. A million times YES.

I don’t like to fight crowds and it’s worth every penny to not have too.

We enjoyed it too…but we really just paid for a spot to view them without crowds. And I was okay with that.

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Is it ridiculously overpriced ? Yes, totally, absolutely, no doubt.

Would I do it again ? Yes, totally, absolutely, no doubt.


Despite the fact that it is called “Dessert” party, everyone knows it isn’t about the dessert, right?

But…I am curious about the desserts. Anyone have photos to post of the desserts themselves?

I didn’t take any pictures but they were quite good and varied. We treated it as dinner because there were a few non-dessert items too such as 3 different kinds of cheese, crackers, artichoke dip. Desserts included several flavors of macarons, chocolate-covered strawberries, red velvet cupcakes, ice cream, cheese cake, strawberry tarts, pineapple cake, brownies, chocolate cake and others I forgot. Was really nice.

The Star Wars equivalent at DHS was even better with similar offers plus flatbreads, bread pudding and nutella flash frozen in liquid nitrogen.

We have done a few dessert parties, but not since DD came along since she’s been too young to stay up that late. Last trip she said she really wanted to see fireworks, so I’ve gone ahead and booked the Tomorrowland Terrace location since I’d rather have an allocated table. The way I look at it it’s worth the money to make sure she has a good view of both the projections and the fireworks, and the desserts are a bonus (the child can eat her own weight in chocolate so she’ll probably get decent value out of it!). :slight_smile:

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This was one of my plates. It was okay.

I had never seen HEA and ai did not want to sit in a soit for a long time before hand.

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Turn it into a dinner. Ours had cheeseburger egg rolls, spinach dip and cheese and crackers along with the desserts. Don’t buy a big meal before the party so you get your money’s worth! The cm’s we’re telling everyone to take as much as they wanted because they had stuff waiting to replenish anything. If dinner and a great spot for viewing are worth the price to you, then it’s a no brainer. Don’t go and eat one cookie, and then be mad that it stunk. Go hungry, and enjoy it!


A few food shots

Thanks. It LOOKS delicious.

I wasn’t aware they provided anything other than desserts, so that bit of info is good to know. Although it is too late in the evening for me to consider it dinner (we eat dinner early…like 4:30 or 5:00). But it does mean that our dinner that day could be a lighter option.