Dessert party at MNSSHP

Would one of the dessert parties be worth it this year at the MNSSHP? We would be a party of 10 including a toddler. It’s our first party and I’m feeling like any kind of help to make the night go smoother is worth it but I also like saving money.

Can we check in and leave and come back? Thinking of the cheaper plaza garden option.

most reviews say it’s not worth it, but with new fireworks this year, I dunno. that’s a good question about leaving and coming back. for some odd reason the plaza garden viewing starts 30 minutes before terrace viewing and checkin time is close to first parade

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I have reserved for the Plaza viewing because I don’t want to stake out for the fireworks and we really want to be able to see the show. I’ve never done the dessert party at MNSSHP because we’ve never done the holiday parties before, but I have done the dessert party at Tomorrowland terrace for the regular fireworks show and I would not do it again, which is why I chose the Plaza viewing option. The terrace is nice for seats, but unless you get a table right at the rail, your view is likely to be obstructed by the overhand and by guests in front of you. And I didn’t love being off to the side – I think the Plaza location will be a better view.

I read on another thread some time ago that you are allowed to come and go to the Plaza area, but as I’ve never done it would defer to others.


actually I read you can checkin for dessert party at the start of mnsshp. At that time they give you your credentials, which leads me to believe you can come and go. Still trying to figure out why the dessert party starts earlier for plaza garden than terrace.


yikes Terrace view not even available for our MNSSHP night, not that I would do it anyway, but wonder if that means it’s going to be super crowded…oh well, it is what it is


We are going Oct 31 so I am assuming maximum crowd.


29th here and it sold out 1 day in advance last year. It’s okay, we have done it before and so I am not trying to do a lot other than the entertainment

When are you going? Would be interested to hear how you liked it and if you found that it would be worth it.

October 31 so I’m afraid that will be of no help to you!

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We booked the dessert party for October 20th for our party of 7 ranging in age from 4 to 52 with two teens.


  • We will skip trick or treating all over
  • Garden view of the new heavy on projections fireworks show
  • I hate wasting time staking out seats for things
  • No need to hunt up all the specialty desserts throughout the park that I want to try
  • A break from the crowds for some of us who need it

I booked mine for the same reasons. Still need to get trick or treating candy though

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We are flying and I don’t want to mess with taking it home. If I was driving, it would be a different story.

I just put it in my checked bag and some to snack on during the flight

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Okay, so next question. Can you see the Hocus Pocus show from that area, kind of making it a double incentive for booking the dp?

I would assume you can see the show but I don’t think you can stay in that area that long. No one has ever mentioned it before.

Any feedback on this?

I am seriously debating booking the dessert party for my 9/27 MNSSHP . . . I want my group to get the most out of the fireworks and dont want to fight crowds for a spot…

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There is a blurb in this article about the party: