Dessert Palm help!

There is a difference between Desert Palm and Desert Inn correct? Trying to learn more about the Desert Palm on Katella. Can anyone help! We did get a great price through some connections but I still want to be sure it is a solid choice. Anyone know about the breakfast. It says it is hot. We are hoping it is filling! Any short cut for walking or just head to Harbor and go in that way. Like is it closer to a parking lost and tram in? Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.

I am a huge fan of TripAdvisor for resort reviews. Desert Palm rates 4 of 5 stars on TA and ranked #31 of 116 hotels in the area. As you have clearly already discovered, if you could cross the bus lanes behind the motel and hop the DCA fence, you would be standing in RSR. There is no shortcut to the entrance, though, and you’ll need to walk the quarter mile up Harbor to get to it. Looks like a great location to me, and gets solid guest reviews.

I realize this is a very late response, but am writing it in case others are looking into this motel.