Desperate for a Banshee!

Hey everyone! We took our kiddos to WDW for the first time in May. I gave them a set allowance for souvenirs and they spent it wisely. My 7 year old saw the Pandora Banshee Interactive toy in the gift shop you walk through after riding Flight of Passage and fell in love! Since it was more than his allowance, I told him it would be a great thing for his birthday, and he agreed. Well, his birthday is in August and MOM CANT FIND A BANSHEE ONLINE!! They are sold out at the Disney store online. I could go the ebay route, but am checking here first for ideas. Does anyone have any ideas of how/where to get one? I should have bought it while we were there and snuck it home, but hindsight is 20/20. Thanks for any suggestions!!

Here’s what they look like for those who aren’t familiar (any color will do!)

There are some shopper services if you search around. Maybe someone knows of one. Or better yet, perhaps there is a Liner who is going soon who would pick it up and ship it for you.


Yes, THIS - and some of them have tours of what is currently in the parks on YOU TUBE. I’ve also had luck looking for stuff on eBay that was exclusive to a specific event (like a RUN DISNEY event) at the price, or below it… especially if it is more than a year old.

I swear, maybe a month or so ago, there were some BANSHEE’S in one of the Character Warehouses. It just means that color wasn’t selling as well as the others, so they use the Warehouse to help move stock.

Good luck! I know you’ll find something fantastic! :heart_eyes::star_struck::partying_face:

Great ideas!!

Sounds like a strange place to find Disney merch, but I found some mugs I was looking for on Walmart Marketplace.

Found this. Not sure of in stock

You’ll pay extra, but there’s a bunch on Amazon. These are probably from 3rd party sellers who picked them up in Disney World or at the character warehouse. If you get one and it’s not perfect, authentic Disney merchandise, you can get a refund under the Amazon A-to-Z guarantee (I sold on Amazon for a couple years). It’s easier than dealing with ebay if something goes wrong.

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Have you tried calling the personal shoppers and Disney and asking to have it shipped? I am assuming they are still in stock at AK. I do not know the number, but the shoppers helped me a few years ago when I was in the same situation.

Thanks everyone. My husband bought one from ebay yesterday because it was half the price of Amazon. Fingers crossed!