Departure day - what to do with bags while at Disney Springs?

Staying at Contemporary without a car, but want to do Disney Springs morning/lunch before our flight and Uber to the airport from DS. What do we do with our bags?

Iā€™m thinking the same thing for our departure day in May 2023. We are also at the Contemporary (actually Bay Lake Tower). But, I figured we would have to leave our luggage with the bellman at the resort and take an Uber back from DS. I also would be interested if there is a place to store luggage at DS.

No storage at Disney springs, but you can store at a UPS store nearby.

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I think your best bet would be to leave them with Bell Services at Saratoga Springs. Bounce is ridiculously expensive.

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If you consider the time and awkwardness in getting luggage from the Contemporary to SS, and then going to DS and back to SS to get luggage (presumably Ubering from SS), it might just be easier to leave luggage with BS at the Contemporary and then go to DS. When done, you could either Uber to CR for your luggage, or if you want to save a few bucks, take the bus from DS back to CR and then Uber from there.

I am not sure if there is a way to inform Uber when you book that you want to go from DS to CR and then to MCO. I would expect the price to be different.

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This is likely what we will do. Thanks for laying it all out like that!

Yes, you can add a stop when you book an Uber trip. We did this a few years ago from CR to Pop (collect bags) to MCO. Went smoothly.

Thank you!