Departure Day flight change

Hello all! I booked my flight with my WDW package in August, knowing that it was early and I was eating a premium on the flight since I booked directly with Disney rather than adding in the confirmation later. My return flight has now been changed twice since booking, changing our departure time from 6 pm to 3, and requiring my DD and I to be at the resort (AoA) by 12 noon to board the Express back to MCO. Has anyone ever had any problems rescheduling their return flight? Delta allows for us to do so since they rescheduled our flight for more than an hour of our original booking time, just trying to figure out if people have had success with this before. We were hoping to at least hit Disney Springs on Departure day if we could, and with a 6:00 flight this wasn’t a problem. Now, maybe it could be since we have to be on the Express so early.

We’ve had our flights changed by the airlines but not usually with such a big time difference as the one you’re experiencing. In those cases, the flight number stayed the same. It was just that they were adjusting the departure time for reasons unknown to me.

I would recommend calling Delta as early as possible to try to get any available seats on the flight that you’d like to get on. It may be that the flight you were originally booked on no longer exists. If the flights aren’t fully booked, airlines will reduce the number of flights when possible.

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Call Delta early to complain and they may be able to switch you for free. I made the mistake of waiting to call United when they changed our departure flight, which made us late to our Le Cellier ADR, one year. United claimed that since I’d waited they wanted $250 apiece for any flight changes. The irony, which I pointed out to no avail, was the earlier flight I wanted switched onto had openings while our flight was full. On departure day, United ended up paying people to get off our flight since they oversold it, but weren’t bright enough to take us up on the offer to switch for free the day before. Airlines! :rage:

Hopefully you have better luck with Delta, but acting fast is your best shot at a free schedule change…

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I was hoping that there wouldn’t be such a significant change this far out, but alas, here it is. I’ll give them a call tomorrow! Thank you!

My daughter is truly a future Liner: Her response to finding out that I was able to switch our flight to a later time was “Whew! We just got three hours of vacation back!”


Excellent! Glad you were successful!