Denmark & Norway - Big Summer Blowout!

Hi all - I love seeing more and more non-Disney trips represented here and I think that this is a great bunch of trip planners so I’m hoping for some help with our next adventure!

I am looking at 2 weeks in the 2nd half of June 2024. Could be 2nd half of August as well. I can do a multi city flight so fly into Copenhagen and out of Oslo or something along those lines. I have two boys who will be 5.5 and 8.5 next summer and like biking and the outdoors. I know these countries have the reputation of being so great for young kids so I want to take advantage while we can enjoy some of the family friendly amenities.

I was originally inspired for this itinerary by some of the Norwegian cruises but I’ve yet to find the right ship/itinerary combo that speaks to me. Does anyone have an opinion or advice on land vs cruise? As in, is a cruise the best/only way to truly see the fjords? Or can I travel within Norway and do some day tour boats for the fjords.

Any previous itineraries to share? Thanks so much in advance!


About 6-7 years ago I was tasked with planning DSs college trip present. He wanted to go to Norway. Loves the culture, the climate the history. (FF, he could not go for many reasons but we compensated him to his liking). One of the things I wanted to do was see some of the Fjords. Well, that involves A LOT of driving. Cruising to visit the fjords is much more practical.
Could you do a hybrid trip? I’m not even sure if there IS a cruise iten in Norway that’s solely invested in Fjords but if its there, you may be able to have a bit of it all.
I’m not sure of the exact timing as it’s been a very long time but they have some anual Viking Fests on the western coasts that are suposed to be phenomenal for youngsters and adults alike. The multi-day train rides through the “inlands” look cool too.
Sorry for no more specifics. But I hope this gives a small amout of help.

We just did a cruise that left from Copenhagen and included Norway. We wanted more time in Oslo for sure. We spent a couple days in Copenhagen before the cruise but couldve spent a couple more. For Norway, I say go to Oslo a couple days early for a fjords cruise. For copenhagen, do a combo Denmark/Sweden land trip.


How was your trip! I’m so jealous, lol. Would love a Norway in pictures TR if you’d be interested in sharing. Norway is in the 10-15 yr plan.

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It was good, but we did cancel our November Morocco trip as a direct result of seeing DDs ability to handle this trip. Somehow last year she did way better.
I have story highlights and a post per day on my insta @debwithmat


Thanks for the details! Your Instagram looks great. Copenhagen doesn’t really excite me as much as Oslo now that I’ve done the research so maybe we will just do full Norway trip! Feel free to post any specifics or pictures here if you want! Thanks again.


More big trips @Mel?! Love it
No advice here I’m afraid but I’m sure you’ll find sonething great

Thanks! We are still trying to wrangle transportation for this winter but I know we need to get booking if we want to go somewhere next June! Part of me still wants to go back to Scotland…

@erinkippen I would love to hear of your friend’s trip! If you could put details here that would be super helpful and not blow up the France TR. Thank you!!