Deluxe VS Moderate

Hello Liner Experts-

When we went from staying in Values to Moderates, we saw a huge difference and thought it was well worth the price difference. We stayed at ASSports and Pop, then tried CBR and CSR. Never had a bad trip yet. For our next trip, we are currently booked at WL and are excited about it, but not sure if the $150 a night difference is worth it for us. We spend most of our time in the parks so unsure of what to do. I know this is completly subjective, but I was wondering if there is a big difference between Deluxe and Mod resorts. We’ll be getting a standard room at either place.

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I think a big difference between deluxe and Moderate is location. AKL aside, they offer better access to the busiest after parks. Secondly, restaurant quality. But there are no food courts. It’s a slower pace. That’s off the top of my head. Other folks thoughts?

We are staying at the WL this Friday (eeekkk!!) for the first time… Usually we stay at AoA so I’m also excited to see the difference. Unlike you… I wasn’t too impressed from our AoA jump to a mod last year… Maybe I’m just an AoA fan :wink: I’m guessing this WL weekend trip is going to make it very very hard to go back to value :slight_smile:

I have done the exact opposite. As a whole family we stayed Deluxe since we have 5 people, Poly, CR, BLT and BC. This was before AOA was built. This summer I took my kids alone and stayed at POR and POP.

In terms of quality, I was impressed with both POR and POP. I actually think that the Royal room at POR is the nicest room I’ve ever stayed in. POP was okay but a little tired and worn.

Since we have 5 in the family, those rooms are not options for us but even if they were, I can’t imagine more than 2 in a room at POP. I think 4 at POR would be okay but the extra space in a Deluxe room would be nice.

I completely agree that location is the biggest advantage to the Deluxe resorts. We don’t find ourselves eating at resort restaurants that often so that didn’t have as much impact.

My kids prefer the water slides at the deluxe resorts but again that is not a big deal.

I was equally impressed with all types of hotels in terms of the feel of the resort. My son said POP didn’t feel like a value. Everything is so bright and cheerful. It’s just well done.

So there’s my long answer. I think size of room and location are the biggest advantage to Deluxe. If I ever go again with a subset of the family, I’d stay value or mod again. I hope that helps. Good luck and have a great trip.


Deluxes will give you larger rooms, interior hallways, beautiful lobbies, better restaurants (no food courts), nicer pools with better slides, and a generally less crowded feel. All that being said, on a “typical” solo trip where I do little more than sleep and shower in my room and spend virtually no time at the resort, I cannot justify spending the deluxe price. On the other hand, my Nov trip with DW has several “resort days” planned and a generally slower pace - so I am looking very forward to staying at AKL.

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So, dragging up yet another old thread because, like DisneyMonster, I have been moving up slowly but surely. We started our first trips at the ASMo and really enjoyed it. The over the top icons, with our young son, was definitely what we needed to make Walt Disney World a place that stuck in my son’s mind.

Last trip we moved up to a Royal room in POR and fell in love with the moderates. POR with its relaxed, beautiful theming, was exactly what we needed/wanted at this stage in our touring.

Our upcoming trip is booked for the Wilderness Lodge and I am curious to see @DisneyMonster’s impression of the big leagues. How did it go? Was it worth the extra expense? I’ve seen the Touring Plans’ blog about room square footage ( and and I understand that WL has the smallest room size of all the deluxes but, still, I’m curious if DisneyMonster had a good time.

EDIT: A room in the AKL is the exact same size, square footage, as a WL room and a BLT Studio is actually smaller. So…

I spent my first 6 trips at POR before I learned enough on chat to make a change. My first trip to a deluxe was two years ago with a split POR/BC. Since then I have stayed at BW, AKL, WL and Poly. I have a couple of nights booked at YC in April.

I stayed at WL last month, I did not notice much difference in the room size ( Poly rooms are beautiful and so much larger than other rooms I have stayed in). A big difference is the balcony/patio. Since you can go out there, you have that additional space as well.

I know people say the food court area in WL is small, and when you compare it to POR, yes it is, but there are tables inside and outside.

The boat was great! I left the MK after a party at midnight and I was at WL at 12:23! I would say the buses are about the same as POR.

One thing I noticed after staying at WL in oct for the first time is how much I enjoyed hallways… Hahaha! Being in one building and taking the elevator straight down to the lobby was a welcomed addition to our trip! I agree with tinker that the boat/location vs a mod was far better! Also the quick serve was small compared to what we were use to (AoA is usually our “home”) but we grabbed a seat outside and enjoyed the beautiful trees/resort!


@NeedaTurkeyLeg We havent been to the world since I posted that…but we didnt end up booking Deluxe- we stayed Mod for now. Couldnt bite the bullet. We are also park people, we only sleep and shower in the room so it was a little too much of a cost difference to upgrade for us.

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We’ve done AoA and VWL.
The theming at AoA was amazing and the transportation service very efficient. We loved the pools and food court. Getting back from late night at MK was a nightmare of multiple buses with a 4 year old who suddenly had to pee, which was a bad scene.
VWL was really beautiful and proximity to MK was nice, but I enjoyed AoA just as much, especially since we were in a family suite with queen bed and ensuite bathroom.

@DisneyMonster That’s what we have always said, because we spend so much time in the parks, why go Deluxe. What we discovered, however, is with our DMiL turning 70 and the 10 day trips we usually end up taking, we now plan a break day, where we hang out and do less organized things. Being in the Royal Room last time made a huge difference.

I always stay at Deluxe Resorts (Yacht Club x2, Grand Floridian x2, Polynesian, Contemporary x3), and they actually do have food courts - they are just not as large as the moderates or values. I love eating at the Contempo Cafe which is a quick service location next to Chef Mickey’s. Grand Floridian, Poly, Yacht/Beach all have quick service places to get something to eat without an ADR and the food is good. You can get anything from burgers to pasta dishes to flat bread pizza and hot turkey sandwiches. Just didn’t want the lack of quick/cheap (relatively) food to put you off Deluxe resorts.

Can’t say if $150 more per night is worth it for you, but to me location is everything and that is what you get with Deluxe. You don’t have to hop in a car or bus, instead you can walk, boat or monorail to one or two parks and be there within minutes. It makes it a lot easier to get back to your room when you want a mid day break or just want to pop back into the park to see fireworks or the parade. It doesn’t feel like you are moving heaven and earth to get back, you just stroll back in. Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong with any Disney resort, in my opinion!

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Oddly enough, that is one of the things I’m most looking forward to on MK days; hopping the boat back to WL, being back in the room in less than 1/2 hour, resting and just popping back in. Nice!!