Deluxe Rooms at Beach Club Resort, are they Club/Concierge Level?

Does anyone know if the Deluxe rooms at the Beach Club Resort are CL? Some sites state they are while others state they are not, looking for confirmation. Thanks!

According to the WDW website, no they aren’t.

The deluxe rooms are listed under Standard rooms, and says they are larger and sleep six (with a QS sleeper sofa).

The suites are listed as “with Club Level access”.

@Nickysyme Thank you for your response…I was hopeful there was some hidden secret I didn’t know about. We have three kiddos and BC-CL only seems to have one choice for us…2 BDRM…sigh :frowning:
Thanks again!

I’m staying at BC Deluxe room with four kids, six of us in total. We stayed in a standard room at BC with three kids years ago… Your comments are about availability, not sleeping capacity I trust…

Were one of your children under 3?

I think @jackieesullivan is wanting a CL room.

I wonder why none of the CL rooms have a day bed? Are the rooms smaller than the standard rooms?

Our first onsite stay was at the BC and we had a standard room with a day bed, so our boys each had their own bed.

It is so weird- I looked at YC too and it states the room hold “four adults” but one room has two queens and a day bed.

As I recall, our standard room at BC eight years ago had 2 queens and a day bed. Accommodated me, wife, and three kids ages 5, 5, and 4.

We needed a deluxe room at BC this trip. Me, wife, and kids ages 13, 13, 12, and 5. I believe there are 2 queens and a sleeper sofa.

No our youngest will be 7 at the time of the trip.

Yes you are correct, many of the Standard rooms accommodate 4+, my wish was for a Club level room for this special adventure :slight_smile: Thank you for your thoughts though.

Yeah I saw the same for the BC-CL Water view rooms as well, but I guess it is miss marked on the WDW site or something.

There was a Day bed in my CL room (2 queens) at both BC and YC. I would call.

Thank you so much for the info @PrincipalTinker I think that will be my best option, talk with a CM at the BC to get the details on the rooms. Thank you! Fingers Crossed :slight_smile:

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Bumping for confirmation: I have this same question and would love to know if the Deluxe room was or was not CL, or if it can be upgraded to CL. I booked a Deluxe room for May 2020 - 2 adults and 4 kids ages 6-11. Only option (aside from 2 bedroom) that would fit us. I found some old DIS threads that talk about the 6 Deluxe CL rooms and was curious as well. Hope you trip was great!! I’m so excited to stay at BC!

As it relates to BC, I’ve learned there are no CL rooms that accommodate 4+ people with the exception of of the 2 BR like you stated. I think other resorts may have Deluxe CL rooms that will accommodate 4+ people but sadly BC does not.

I believe the boardwalk has a deluxe room club level, sleeps 6.

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