Deluxe room at Beach Club?

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I’m not seeing much online about the deluxe rooms at Beach Club. Are these new? We have one booked (2 parents, 4 kids) because it sleeps 6 (2 queens and sleeper sofa) but I can’t find reviews or any details like what floor the deluxe ones are on, what views, etc. I’ve found a few pictures but they also say “club level” and this is NOT club level that we have booked.

We’ve always stayed in villas but seems we can save some money this way. I know we’ll be a little cramped but we don’t spend a lot of time in the room!

Any info would be appreciated - thanks!

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We are at the Beach Club right now.
The resort is a deluxe resort vs moderate or value. Most rooms are two queen with the 3rd pull out. There’s also a DVC building with “deluxe studio villas” so really depends on what you have reserved. There are a ton of pics on search for Disney Beach Club Orlando.

It is a great resort. You’ll have a good time.

Most typical room at Beach Club

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What does the “family suite” at Art of Animation cost vs Beach Club two queen beds? May be an option

There is a special class of rooms at the Beach Club (and at the Boardwalk) called deluxe rooms. They sleep 6 (vs 5) and have an extra area with the pull out couch that sleeps 2, they are a different setup than the regular rooms like the picture you posted (and more expensive). These rooms are in the main building, not the DVC area. There are very few of them though, and info about them is very scarce. They do exist though, but not sure where they are located. Hopefully @KLo4 can find someone who has stayed in this special room type at BC and can help with room requests. Good luck @KLo4.


My DH really wants to stay at boardwalk or beach club. Or I would look into AoA!

We are staying in a BC Deluxe room for our stay at the beginning of October. TP contacted Disney and got the room details for us, see this post from just last week.


Len posted on another thread:

Heard back from Disney. Here are the Deluxe room numbers: 1606, 3557, 3606, 3691, 4557, 4606, and 4691.


Thank you. Hope you have a great trip!

Not sure if you had your trip already. I’m in a Deluxe room at the Beach Club now. If there’s anymore questions or photo requests you have, let me know. I’m here until Sunday.

We actually switched to the villas but thanks for replying! Hope you’re having a good trip!