Deluxe It Up 2023

I wanted to look again at what was left open and it’s really FIVE restaurants that were closed - including El Mercado which is the QS!

I’d have been so pissed if I were there then.

How positively shocking that only their most expensive location was left available (and cafe rix which is more grab and go IIRC)


El Mercado was literally the only place we could eat breakfast or lunch at CSR when we were there without spending $130 each meal and not be severely limited by allergy issues. The bakery place was 98% no go.

That would have killed our mostly resort stay last trip - this trip we checked out the Three Bridges menu multiple times online before we left and I never saw that warning until I posted it from here.


I wonder when the warning went up?

To be fair, I hadn’t looked for availability there in that time frame, so maybe it was sufficient. But imagine not having any warning of that and - for a family like yours in particular - arriving to find you had no food options available?!

Anyway… I’ll move on now LOL

What’s on the agenda today?


In this situation it would be tempting to ask to be moved. Because that is kind of crazy.

Hope today cools off!


I’d have to hope anyone booked there would have received a direct message about it.

Would still stink if that’s where I wanted to stay, that’s a fav resort.

Today is wrap it up at Grand Cypress Day, dropping fam at Swan with bags, then returning rental car to MCO and taking Mears back.

We’ve all packed swim stuff so they can check bags and relax if we don’t get lucky with an early room available.

Have a free mini golf to use, will see if anyone is up for that when the sun goes down, going to be another scorcher.

If weather app is correct the feels like temp might be only 113° at the high today, which is a huge break from the 127° from yesterday. Not.

Now I have to go jump on DS and get him moving.


I’m once again conflicted with our next check in at Swan.

Online check in is available in app, but this one is a little more complicated: because their system kept trying to use my 3 free night certificates on the lowest points nights so I had to book our 5 nights in 3 reservations.

I emailed the Swan a few weeks ago to have them link them all together. But I wanted to flaunt my Gold Elite Marriott status (as weak sauce as that status reportedly is) and see if we can get a view upgrade and late last day check out.

Will online check in help, hurt, or, most likely entirely an unknown quantity that could go either way?

As I mentioned above in thread, I feel like my not checking in online here at GC may have locked us out of the theme park view suites.

I’m kind of leaning towards just waiting until I get there so I can limp in with a sad face waving my Gold status over my head and see if the Marriott human takes pity on me.


Given these circumstances I would probably check-in in person to make sure it’s all sorted properly


One thing I didn’t mention about room: a full suite that has plates and utensils with schmancy cloth napkins for 4, wine glasses.

Ginormous wine fridge, good sized regular fridge x2, full sink. But: no dish soap, no kitchen towels (paper or other.) That’s weird, no?

Also, no microwave, but we’re guessing they don’t want people smelling up the hallways.


I would. I did in person check in and it was quick and easy. They lady at the counter was super nice and helpful. All the people at the Swan were wonderful.


I think its weird you have 2 regular size fridges. Or did I misunderstand? And no microwave, odd. So what’s the point of having all that fridge space?


It’s a VIP Suite, so it’s a large living space with kitchen and dining. That room is flanked by King bedrooms. Normal bookings you get one of those rooms with the suite and you can add the other on. The living space has the wine cooler and fridge, the king room has it’s own fridge.

You also get 2 bathrooms: plus the one in the suite space has a large double closet and changing space in addition to the regular bathroom.


So Swan checkin was smooth: they had already upgraded us to a resort view room - very nice view of river, back of Boardwalk, entry portico to Swan and to the right we can see ToT.

Also got a 1pm check out so far, but he told me to ask again Friday to see if they could extend.

Only downside is that linking my 3 reservations didn’t actually make them a single stay, just guaranteed us we don’t change rooms. So tomorrow and Wednesday we’re going to have to stop by the desk to have our keys re-run. Oh well, no biggie.


One thing we knew would be an issue going in was the food options for DD16 here.

She has gotten much more adventurous the last few years, but still had trouble finding combinations of things she’d like to eat that are also safe.

Both she and DS20 continue to have severe peanut allergies, but the Doctors now think several of their other high nut numbers are red herrings.

DS20 has challenged almonds and has found he is not allergic to those. DD has no interest in trying a challenge, too anxious.

He’s always had looser worries about his allergies, often to our chagrin.

So, long story short: walked over to YC Ale & Compass Market - good and safe hot sandwiches.


Makes sense, bc it can be split- but no micro?? I literally would pack ouw if I think it would make it though the airport cheap enough (it’s not, I asked SW).

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Not the end of the world. Do you hit up the specialty coffee shop in a.m.? Could do it then, during the waiting process (Swan was like 4-5 mins for each coffee :woozy_face:)



BG19 for Tron.

But TP plan doesn’t want me to use it at estimated 9:16 call time, thinks the overall plan would be better if I just jumped on standby at 11:1am. Hmm.

We’re only in MK until about noon then heading back to Swan then EP.


Oh TP. You so cute, baby, but no.



Oh my goodness, your photos. Just amazing.

First time on this ride?



Me ignore liney lines


MK morning, RD 7DMT,. Woohoo! DD16, in the most Disneyfied outfit, pulled for security check. Took 20 minutes to get through, which put us back in pack for 7D but not too bad yet