Deluxe Extra Hours Schedule Changing February 2022?

FYI, since MK park hours have been extended an hour, the extended evening hours for February have now also shifted back an hour. They are available 9-11p.m instead of 8-10p.m.

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I just looked in MDE and I don’t see that every MK night? Is it posted on the website?

I saw it on the official Disney page for extended hours. Maybe MDE hasn’t updated yet?

Is it just the 4th so far? Do they updated hours a week at a time?

As far as I can tell, MK Extended Evening Hours are now 9-11p.m February 4, then back to 8-10 for the rest of February, then 9-11 pm again from mid March through the end of March. It’s very confusing. To make things worse, some weeks they flip the MK and Epcot EEH days.

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Noooo!!! I literally had my trip starting on Wednesday to get the extra hours. Pooty heads.

Thank you for the update.




Yikes. I’m arriving March 29 for 7 nights and just finished planning my whole trip strategy around Extended Evenings, assuming Epcot Mondays and Magic Kingdom Wednesdays.

Okay, I can deal with revising the plan, but what should I anticipate for Extended Evenings for the rest of my visit? I need to start making dining reservations this Tuesday!

Is there any pattern to when Disney adds to the EE schedule?

They generally update it on Fridays. A few times it has been as late as the following Tuesday.


My theory is that they are moving things around just to mess with people that want short stays in a Deluxe to get the evening time.

:angry: grrrrr, I hope not, b/c they should be happy that someone is paying deluxe prices and leave the schedule alone ? profit is profit right? (Not directed at you @Sophia818. You did make a suggestion I hope isn’t true)

Thanks for posting… time to update my plans!! Ahhhhh Disney you’re killing me, two late nights in row.

Tricky to plan around when renting points 11 mtgs out. It moves to Tuesday one day at end of March. I guess we can expect MK to jump around.

This is almost certainly due to some event on at MK on the 30th, like a private buy-out or a CM recognition event.

Unfortunately the park hours aren’t published for that week yet. If MK shows an early closing &/or the fireworks are scheduled for a different time that would give a clue.
If it’s a CM event then that will be posted soon enough by a CM over on WDWMagic or elsewhere.

Almost makes trying to do a split stay not worth it. You could be at the opposite hotel you intended to be, especially if you were looking forward to walking home after a late night at the park. Might as well save the hassle of a check in/check out.

Well, if you come from the beancounter perspective they wouldn’t like it if the Deluxe days were fully booked, and the non-deluxe days were half booked.

People like me might look at the schedule and said, “Hmmm, They seem to always have Deluxe hours on Sundays and Fridays. We fly in on Saturday late afternoon. So, we’ll stay one night near the airport since we aren’t getting MDE anyway. So, we’ll book a limo with the money saved for early morning. Then one night at a Deluxe on Sunday and get the early evening hours. Then we’ll go move to a value, checkout out of the value and into deluxe for one night on Friday. We’ll use deluxe evening on Friday and then fly home Saturday morning.”

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I think it is absolutely ridiculous that Disney can’t set a schedule for things like this well ahead of time knowing people have to book hotels and park reservations and tickets well ahead of time. They expect guests to do it, but won’t do it themselves. Kind of angers me if I let it.


They’re not going to say “no” to a company wanting to rent out a park one night just because it’s an EMH night.

They’re releasing the dates pretty much 10 weeks ahead, so that they are known by the time the 60 day mark comes round. And they haven’t said how long these evenings will continue for, I suspect it will be reviewed at some point.

But if they are using these events as a way to upsell people to Deluxe rooms, then they need to make it clear well ahead of time…not just two months out, because people are planning their trips well ahead of this.


It’s a great and much needed perk but I panicked until I verified our spring break dates were still in “deluxe extra hours tact.” I had booked a pre-deluxe hours Treats & Seats before headed to the attractions as well as Spice Road Fireworks dining before EP deluxe hours our week.

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