Deluxe Extra Hours Schedule Changing February 2022?

The deluxe hours are now scheduled to the first week of February. Magic Kingdom is scheduled for Friday, February 4th.


I doubt it will happen, but I wish this meant they were adding DHS to Wednesdays.


Are you listening Genie???


What is the thought on effect on daytime crowd levels at those parks.

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Given the low numbers attending, or even eligible, I don’t think it would make much difference.


If true, I don’t know what to say….

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Right another “perk”

I don’t know if that article is true but if they changed the deluxe extra hour date to allow for group access for the teams, I think everyone should be upset. Why would these groups have access to something other value/moderate guests do not have?


Totally agree, if they are opening it up— then open it up to all hotel guests!


Hours are back to Wednesday the next week

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That’s crap for other guests staying moderate and value. I get it that the kids are tied up all day in competition and only have evening hours to explore the parks, but Disney should have just given them their own night and sold them a special ticket for it.


I went looking yesterday……

This is the website KtP mentions

There is no mention of a Friday night event that I can see? KtP states it is under the FAQs. I do see a reference to a Sunday night event.

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It’s on page 6/10 of the FAQs, which is on the right of the various tabs on that home page:

From that:

Is there a Celebration Party or Extended Hours this season?
Yes! We are excited to bring back the Extended Park Hours on Friday night as well as the Celebration Party on Sunday night! These are included for those on the Hotel Travel Package. Those attending the Celebration Party, do not need a Theme Park reservation on their ticket for that event. For commuters, you can purchase tickets for the Celebration party.

And I also found mention of the Sunday event under the section Hotel Travel Package / Pricing Information.

I found the Sunday reference but I missed that!

Blech. That is kind of lousy for both the deluxe guests who are eligible and about to have their after hours run over by a bunch of teenage girls. Was there once and while most before, a lot swore like sailors, wouldn’t move because they were constantly texting and a few even tried to do their high kicks in line. And it’s terrible for the Moderate and Value guests missing out.


I have been refreshing the deluxe hours page hourly since Friday. As I write this it has not been updated but Monday, February 21st (President’s Day) is a MK deluxe hour night from 8-10.

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Thank you!

The 2nd change of the month:


Does anyone know the effect that deluxe extra hours have on the crowds in those parks during the day? I had MK and Epcot reserved on the days that now have extra hours. We will not be staying late because my grandchildren are younger. I am wondering if I should change my reservations, but not sure if the daytime crowds will be affected by the extra evening hours. What time do you think the park will see the extra hours people come in?

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I was wondering too. I just noticed yesterday that I have two MK reservations for the day before or after its deluxe days. My guess (and this is a total guess) is that the day-of will be less busy from people without park hoppers not wanting their day at the park cut short. I also guess that the day before and after will be more busy for the same reason. Will be interested to see data on that.