Deluxe Disney Dining Plan

Is it true that on the deluxe plan a child can order from the adult menu? My 7yo daughter will get bored of the kids menu for every meal. It seems the UK price of the dining plans is very favorable right now which is why I am considering them.

Yes, on the deluxe plan kids can order from the adult menu.

That’s great and really useful. I don’t suppose there is any disney published information that actually makes it official?

I was searching Disney for official confirmation of this myself this morning and couldn’t find any. I just wanted to know for sure before purchasing the plan.

Let me look- I found it the other day.

Here is a Touring Plans Blog Post that explains (towards the bottom) that deluxe credits are interchanable. I will still look for it from Disney.

Here is the 2017 brochure it notes that credits are given for all members 3 and above.

Thing is that says “. Guests ages 3–9 must order
from a children’s menu where available.”

Though I note the blog does say"For guests on the Deluxe, Premium, and Platinum dining plans, Disney makes no distinction between “adult” and “child” dining credits. If you have 2 child and 2 adult dining credits available, and would like to pay for 4 adult meals using those credits, you can."

I know. That’s what I keep seeing. But I have heard that they can order an adult meal. I would just feel more comfortable knowing it is within the rules. I don’t want to try and cheat the system.

Where did “the blogger” get that information I wonder.

I’m less worried about cheating the system and more about condemning my daughter to 12 days of Mickeys Burgers! I don’t want to be ordering $64 lobster for her, just a little more choice.

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I think that is the suggestion but they are all “pooled” and you cannot tell if they are children or adult (like CS). I know it was posted when the changes were announced (able to give credits to others). I will look more…

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I also have a relates question. I have an ADR for Cinderellas Royal Table which was taken prepaid on my credit card. If I then book DDP and use them for this meal is the credit card seamlessly refunded? also supports this “Those on the Deluxe Plan may officially mix their adult and child credits, meaning that child credits may be used for adult entrees. This has long been an unofficial loophole (and remains one for the lower tiers of the plans), but it’s now officially allowed on the Deluxe Plan.” … but where is it officially stated???

Here is another TP Blog Postwhen it officially changes- still looking!