Deluxe dining plan

I’m reading conflicting info. On and in UG it says children’s and adult credits are the same and kids can order from adult menu. On Disney’s website it says children 3-9 must order from kids menu if available. Which is it? This is for deluxe not regular. And you still get the appetizers with deluxe?

The recent policy changes mean that all counter service credits on the quick service and basic dining plans, and all deluxe credits on the deluxe dining plan are pooled and are not distinguished between adult and child, and that you may use any number of credits of any type at one time.

(In practice, only the latter portion of that is new, CS and DxDP credits have always been pooled.)

The deluxe plan still includes an appetizer at lunch or dinner from a regular “menu service” restaurant.

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Our last trip we went with the DxDP because DH likes TS for lunch as well as dinner. It was TOO MUCH FOOD! Even using as many 2-credit dinners as we could, we had trouble using all our credits, we had NO room for any snacks (and ended up filling up a suitcase with snacks to take home), and looked forward with dread instead of delight to dinner because we were still full from lunch. We will never ever do that again - and not just because we didn’t come anywhere near to breaking even, cost-wise. Appetizers AND desserts for every meal about did us in. YMMV, but that was our experience.

We’ve gotten deluxe before. I hear ya it is a lot of food. This time I planned lots of 2 table service meals. I thought they took away appetizer though. I am 'over" credits in my current plan, if everyone gets their own meal. I am hoping to take home a few apps and or meals and keep them in the fridge for the last three days of our trip which has no dining plan. I also spaced a few meals farther apart and scheduled a big afternoon break.