Deluxe Dining Plan Question- Kid's credits

I know that quick service meals on the dining plan are not separated by child/adult. What about credits on the Deluxe dining plan? Could we use one of our “child” credits to purchase an adult meal at a table service restaurant? Are they separated or lumped together?

Background- DH, DD3, DD1, and I are traveling in November with my parents. We will eat most meals together but have 2 separate rooms/reservations. We have considered getting a dining plan on ONE of our reservations and cherry picking our most expensive meals or sharing meals/credits to be more cost-effective.

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On the flip side- I’m evaluating if it makes more sense for one of us to upgrade to an AP just for the discounts. So many things to consider!

The deluxe plan for his year pools all credits together (no one knows about next year yet). So, your 3year olds credit can buy adult meals. Value wise if you are sharing between two rooms you cannot beat that.

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That’s kind of what I’m thinking! Plus the addition of an appetizer is pretty awesome. Is it one appetizer per party or per person?

It is one per person!

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