Deluxe dining plan and substituting items

I have some questions about the deluxe dining plan. We have booked the regular dining plan for our 2017 trip but are thinking about upgrading. We would mostly be doing breakfast buffets and 2TS restaurants.

  1. I have read about the option to substitute dessert for a side dish or soup. Since we are dessert persons we would never want to do this but I was thinking about the other way around. An appetizer can sometimes be too much food so can an appetizer be substituted for a side dish or for example a basket of fries to accompany your entree?

  2. My father has diabetes. If a restaurant doesn’t offer any no sugar added desserts then would it be possible to order something simple like a plate of fruit or a cup of coffee instead of dessert?

  3. When a restaurant like Beaches & Cream doesn’t offer any appetizers, would if be possible to order a side dish since there is no option to order an appetizer?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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I substituted salad for dessert.

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@davidjjenkins1961 recently had the deluxe plan and may be able to help.

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I heard my name mentioned.
1 - Substituting are always at the option of where you are eating, if it dessert or apps. I know that we didn’t have much trouble there was something we wanted to substitute, so my suggestion is just ask.

2 - If you let the server know about the diabetes, just let your server know at the start and they will work with you.

3 - Never been to Beaches and Cream. I can’t tell you what they best option would be for this.

On a side note, we had 8 2TS meals during our 10 nights. I highly suggest you look at the menus but not be afraid to try things. You can see our reviews of every meal we had in our Trip report.

Hope this helps. Any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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Thanks everyone for replying.

@davidjjenkins1961: Thanks. I have been reading your reviews and enjoyed them a lot. You made a great selection of restaurants and it seems you had a wonderful trip.

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We did and plan on being back and enjoying many places again and also new places.

Where does one read your trip report?

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@jlw1439 Here is a link to it. Hope that you enjoy it and it is helpful in your planning.