Delta Airlines keeps changing my flights!

And it is driving me CRAZY!! I always fly jet Blue (we fly out of Boston), but when I booked this trip almost a year ago, Jet Blue hadn’t released flights yet. We travelling Thanksgiving Week and I wanted to make sure we could get flights.

Since booking my original flight in November of 2017, I have received 11 emails changing either the flight TO Orlando, or the flight home on 11/26! They have almost all been SIGNIFICANT changes. The first change moved my flight from a 4pm departure on 11/20 out of Boston, to a 7:00 am departure. After getting over my initial shock, I decided to make the best of it and enjoy the fact that we would have another day at the parks, so I added an additional Park Day to our tickets. The departure time has now changed several more times, now saying 8:10 am departure, arriving at 11:45, so best guestimate is we won’t arrive to resort until close to 2 pm.

It has just been frustrating because I want to arrange transportation to the airport, make FP reservations, etc. and this constant changing is driving me nuts. I called Delta. The agent said “we change our flight schedules at least monthly so expect two more changes before you fly out”. REALLY???

Anyone else have these issues with Delta?

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Yes! I booked nonstop flights from Seattle to MCO on Delta, which they subsequently changed to have a layover in Atlanta with about 45 minutes to change planes. If Delta changes your flight significantly enough you can get a refund. Per my e-mail from their customer service, you can get a refund if “one or more of the following conditions exist:
-The arrival time is not within 90 minutes of the originally scheduled
arrival time.
-The new routing adds one or more stops to the original itinerary.
-A change in routing of a scheduled flight results in an arrival time of
more than 90 minutes later than the original scheduled arrival time”

I got a refund and booked new flights on Alaska. This was several months ago. The refund from Delta was processed, no problem. A few weeks ago, I got another “schedule change” notification from Delta, and logging in with my confirmation number indicated that I was still booked on the original flights–we had seats assigned and everything. So I had to contact them again to make sure our reservation was thoroughly cancelled.

TL/DR: You might be able to cancel your flights with Delta and rebook on another airline, but if you do keep a close eye on the refund processing and your reservation to make sure it’s really cancelled.

Thanks. I looked into Jet Blue and of course those flights are now $3400!! So keeping my Delta but will never book with Delta again!

Ugh, sorry! Hope you have a great trip regardless.

Good to know. Have not experienced such turmoil flying with Southwest.


Yes, we booked them for our October trip. I just booked the flight a few weeks ago and have already gotten two notifications of changes. We are on American in December for one direction and they have also had changes.

I had a terrible issue like this with AA last month. Flying is just a nightmare these days, they dont care at all about your plans.

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So I fly with Delta weekly… and only my flights to MCO changed that many times! I don’t actually know why. But all airlines do it. Virgin Atlantic change our flights so many times to London that ny reservation was corrupted… AirCanada changed my flights back home. As soon as you book your flights more than 6 months in advance, it will happen.

I have not seen that happen with Southwest though. However, I would not stop flying with delta only because of that. Delta is my favorite airline with Southwest.

Flying is always terrible. With the hurricane this week, anyone flying AA will have a hard time.

I just noticed the other day that my Delta flight times have changed, albeit only 5-10 minutes, but I did not receive any notification. I guess I’ll have to just keep checking to be sure

We fly JetBlue (#1), Southwest (#2) or Frontier (#3) out of Providence. I will just say that our July flight on JB was changed not only to a different time, but a different day! First time that ever happened but it added a day to our trip, which I can’t complain about TBH.

So, unfortunately, schedule changes seem to be more common now than in the past. I dislike AA, UA and Delta so much though. I’d rather drive 20 hours…

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The same criteria for getting a refund from Delta can be used for changing your flight to another flight with Delta without any change fees. That can be great.

However, that 8:10 flight might the earliest nonstop flight that day. On the Delta website, it looks like the 8:10 flight is the first flight of the day and arrives at 11:23 in Orlando. What time was the 7 a.m. flight scheduled to arrive? (Delta has allowed changes with 60 minutes, you have the multiple changes on your side too.)

I know it can be aggravating BTDT, but all this can be a good thing BTDT. So, look at the Delta website for your travel dates and think about what is your best-case flight itenerary and then call and ask for those flights. If the customer service rep doesn’t want to do it, politely hang up and try again (just like Disney).

Since there have been so many changes to this trip, I would normally suggest waiting a while to make this call/changes. However, the trip is during the Thanksgiving holiday when flights sell out, so I don’t know if I would wait too long.

Usually, you cannot change the dates of the flight, however, I was able to once without any real issues. You could use the bought tickets for Disney based on earlier arrival time. Of course, that would require adding another hotel night in Orlando.

I just went to look at my Delta flights and the flight number changed. Will that effect my MDE reservation? It’s the departure flight so not really worried about it, just curious. Thanks!

That 8:10 flight is the first flight out, now leaving at 8:10 instead of 7:05. I will sit tight and wait, not make any changes, just frustrating to not be able to arrange airport transportation TO the airport yet during a very busy time.

If you do want to make a change, I would do it sooner rather than later. Flying United they juggled my flight a few times and we waited. Just a few days prior to our flight I noted they had an earlier flight available with open seats and called to change but they refused to do it for free since I didn’t call quickly after our flight schedule changed. The irony was our flight was oversold so they had to pay folks to not fly it, while I’d offered to do the same for free the day prior, but they wouldn’t let me…