Declining Daily Housekeeping - now available in the MDE App

I leave on Tuesday for my trip, and just found that with the latest MDE App update yesterday, you are now able to decline Daily Housekeeping in the App as a part of the Pre-trip check-in process.

For those not aware, on trips of two days or more while staying at a value or moderate resorts, you have been able to decline housekeeping service while there. In exchange for declining the service, you are given a digital Disney Gift Card equivalent to $10 per night of your stay. Well, actually you have to pay $10 for the one night they will clean when you leave, but basically you stay 3 nights, you can get $20 gift card. You stay 7 nights, you can get $60 gift card. I’ll be getting a $40 gift card for my 5 night stay next week. That’s quite a few extra mickey bars for me!

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It’s still very glitchy. We have two rooms booked for 6 nights & two more for 3 nights. It only worked for one 6 night reservation.

This only applies to value and moderate resorts?

Yes, it’s not an option at the deluxe resorts. I’m not sure why that is, but probably has something to do with keeping it super-spiffy, considering the cost per night to stay. Or, perhaps, guests at the deluxes just don’t sign up for it often and so it’s not cost-effective that way.

Yes, pretty sure it is only available in the value and moderate resorts. I did this for my wife and I’s 5 night stay a couple weeks ago. We got a $40 gift card e-mailed to us. I was able to link it into the Disney Gift Card Website, and then transfer the balance over to one of our physical gift cards with no problems. Since we spent very little time in our room, no need to have cleaning done while we were there.

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