Decisions Decisions

Which should I spend my $300-ish dollars for? Family of 5. 2 adults, 2 Disney adults and 1 child

• SWW premium package- reserved parade viewing and fireworks/ dessert party being the main benefits for us. Never been to SWW and hate waiting for parades and fireworks

• Pirates and Pals fireworks cruise- haven’t done this either, but dd is a Peter pan fan. Have seen wishes many times

• Hoop-dee-do- been once and LOVED it

I’m only choosing one and they are all within $50 of each other.

I haven’t done the SWW premium package, but I did do the Frozen one when it first came out. While I enjoyed it, I’m not sure I’d do it again, especially at the new prices. The reserved parade viewing area was in the bright sun, and it was brutally hot. The fireworks location was great for seeing the stage, but miserable for seeing the fireworks. The desserts were good, but it really depends how much you figure you can eat.

I think if I had to choose, I’d lean towards Hoop-dee-doo, because it seems like it would be the best all-around pleaser for a diverse crowd of people.

I have done none of those but HDDR is very well liked as you already know, but of all the premium parties the SWW one is the most raved about. Priority seating for parade, a show, fireworks, free ice cream, drinks, desserts and even grown up drinks. It’s a pretty good deal, but I would say only if your a SW fan.

I LOVE HDDR, we had a ton of fun there.

A friend of mine was just telling me about her experience with the Pirates Cruise and said how amazing it was. Her kids had a great time.

I guess I’m not helping much since I just raved about 2 of the 3, but maybe decide if you want to experience something new or do something you love again. That is always a hard decision for us too!

Since I haven’t done any of these if I could pick… I would take the cruise! My ds5 would love it! Second choice would be sww since we are Star Wars fans :slight_smile: HDDR is in my list of must do one of these trips!!! Let us know what you pick!!!

Let me know we are thinking of HDDR in December for grand finale

We adored HDDR, but I agree, I want something new this time.
We are going with FtF package. Otherwise I don’t think we will do any of the SWW activities. Very excited and glad that brekkie at Sci-fi is booked so that I don’t have to contemplate that extra expense!