December Memory Maker Share?

Good Afternoon

I am posting in hopes of linking up with a memory maker share for December. I will be traveling with my family 12/7-12/11. I was a member of a share last year & had an awesome experience.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Hi there!

I may be interested in sharing. I already have a Memory Maker purchased for 12/1-12/5. I shared a PhotoPass at Disneyland a few years back and had a WONDERFUL experience. The thing is, I can’t remember how that worked.

Can you help me recall?


I will also be in the parks for 12/1-12/5 and was hoping to join a share

The shares I have been with set up a dummy account so we can all use the password and all of us can download

but who pays for it? trip 12/1 - 12/7

One person organizes, and creates a false account with Disney. Then you divide the cost amongst the families. They pay the organizer through paypal. Once the organizer gets all of the payments, they pay for the memory maker, and share the user name and password on the account, so all families have master access for downloading.

And no one changes the password. It is a trust endeavor.

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so you can have more than two groups? and how does it work at the parks, last time I used it we had a separate card for the photographer to scan? is it all on you band now?

thanks for the info.

It is all on the band. I am the organizer for an October Share, it is a total of 5 families. So it’s like $34 a family.

are you still looking for someone for your Dec trip? I have 2 families now.

Yes I am, I would be happy to join in if that is an invite.

let me double check with my group to make sure they want in. So a fake account is another MDE account?

I would love to join.


I am interested in joining if you haven’t closed it yet.

I am also looking for a December share. It is really easy, we just finished a Sept/trip/share and it was super!

Are you looking for any more shares for you December MM? We will be in parks 12/1 - 12/8…

Also looking for a December share…December 7-11. Thanks!

I am going 12/4 - 12/9 I am interested in sharing. Will Paypal organizer. Jay

Have you found a December share yet? Perhaps we could start one…looks like there could be 4 of us: johannajoel, idjay, rivercountrygirl, and me.

This was from last year. no response prompted me to renew my annual pass to include memory maker.