December Memory Maker Share--one open spot

I have an opening in my share. One party needed to drop out. Your dates need to be between 12/10 and 12/28 (ish). We already have 4 families and are looking for only one more smallish to medium family to add.

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I don’t know how this works, but our dates are 12/15-12/23. And we’re a family of 5. Can you give me a little more info & then I can let you know for sure. Thanks!

I’m in the same boat…not sure on how this works, but my wife and I are going to be there 12/11-12-14 and are interested!

Basically a group of peeps traveling in the same time frame share the cost of the MM. I have already purchased the MM and set up a “dummy” MDE. You become friends with the dummy account and your photos will show up on that accounts MM. We coordinate editing and have two downloads. Plus you save a big chunk of money. Minus your pictures are mixed in with others in the group, you might have to wait a bit before the download is really, the others in our group will have access to your pictures, although not likely with liners someone could potentially hijack the account. This is my third share to lead and I have been happy with all my previous experiences.

I’m going with DD17 Dec. 9-13. ive participated in two other shares with Liners.
Won’t take a ton of pictures, mostly DD17 with princesses at MVMCP. Let me know if you still have an opening in your share. Thanks!

We are all full but I have seen a few more out there. Be sure to get on the December Facebook page.

Ok thanks for letting me know!

I sent you a pm. :slight_smile:

Just replied with PM, thanks

Love this idea! Obviously missed this one. I’ll be at Disney Dec 10-14, just my hubby and I on our anniversary. where do you find these memory maker shares?

We have one opening in our MM share and your dates line up perfectly (we range from December 1st-15th). We are limiting to 5 groups in our share. Let me know if you are interested in joining. Thanks!

I am interested, please let me know what is involved. Thanks

Has that spot been filled?