December 7th dilemma

Our December trip has been…interesting…to plan. First they announced RotR opening while we are there. Now POTUS is going to be there as well. It’s feels like a giant cluster. Anyway…

We are currently planning to visit MK in the evening of 12/7. We have the plaza garden dessert party booked. HEA is only being shown 3 nights we are there & I am unable to rebook the dessert party. So it looks like we are stuck with 12/7 and whatever security nightmare Trump visiting GF brings with it.

What time should be leave Pop to get to the dessert party? I’d like to check in around 7:00. We will need to take a bus since we’ve got 3 kids in car seats.

For the POTUS day… just make sure you are at the location you want to be at least an hour or two before he arrives and don’t plan on leaving until an hour or two after he is scheduled to leave. Basically the biggest thing impacted by these visits is transportation.

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I’m no help, but we were originally going to 1900 PF at 6:30 pm that night. We’re now likely staying in the Epcot area all day and going to Cape May for dinner. We’re likely avoiding the whole Trump at GF mess.

So if anyone wants to coordinate, I will likely be dropping 1900 PF For 4 at 6:30 on 12/7.

Does anyone know the timing of the event and expected arrival/departure to Orlando?
We are flying home that evening and I’m worried about flights getting impacted.

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Hanging out in that boat with you. We are scheduled to fly out of MCO at 5pm.

Our flight out of MCO is also at 5, I am hoping if they would delay they would announce it earlier so that we aren’t at the airport for hours.

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Worried about the same. Our flight is at 6pm that night.

That’s my hope too. We were originally booked on a 7pm, but American cancelled it and put us on the 5pm, so we lost 2 hours of park time :angry: So I guess I’m actually hoping for a delay! Just in case things get really wonky, we have a room reserved near the airport for that night.

There is also a later flight that we could switch to but I’m not sure if that would be better or worse based on his timeline.

Based on my Googling it looks like the dinner is 6-9pm

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Different site says 6:30-8

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Sounds like he’ll be flying in right as I’m supposed to take off. Although who really knows, maybe he comes in the morning to get in a round of golf? So much speculation!

I’m thinking the same thing, wondering if I should push my flight back but I’m also not even sure if they will even fly into MCO?

I can’t push my flight back, it’s the last direct flight of the day. I suppose I could see how much it would be to move it to the next day, but I’d really prefer to get home Saturday night v. Sunday morning.

There’s also a 730pm direct flight for us, but I think I’m just going to leave it as it is scheduled now. I don’t want to get home that late either.

Everything I have been reading says if anything they will just freeze arrivals/departures until he lands and transfers, which doesn’t take terribly long, so if anything maybe it will just be a little delay. That’s also assuming he will be flying into MCO in the first place.

We are currently scheduled to use DME for return to the airport.
If we do find out about a delay that day, I know they won’t adjust our MDE times. To avoid a long wait at the airport in that case, can we still do airline check in and then take our own transport to the airport later?
Do you have to notify anyone of cancelling DME or just not show up at pickup time?

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I also worry about the road closures.

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I don’t think you’ll know in advance about a delay. My understanding is that when Air Force One is near that all air traffic will be rerouted or grounded until the plane is on the ground & POTUS is clear. The actual arrival time is not widely known for security reasons.

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Yep. This is my concern for getting to MK.


I had no idea POTUS will be there - thanks for posting. This trip was supposed to be fun and relaxing but now with this and ROTR opening, i agree - this has turned into such a crazy thing to plan.

I’m doing my plans now (Way late but, honestly wasn’t too worried until now) and have no idea what im in for…we weren’t able to get many fastpasses we wanted at 60 days out so, I think my focus will just be on the christmas stuff! sigh.

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