December 2019

How much more crowded will the early weeks of Dec. 2019 be with the opening of Star Wars? Trying to decide if we keep our trip this year or push it to next December.

I have plans to be there at that time, regardless of SWGE opening. But I’m certain that DHS will be an absolute nightmare. It has ride capacity problems as it is, and the thousands of people descending on it for SWGE will make it horrible. But some of it might be mitigated by how they handle the first few months after the opening.

There are some rumors that SWGE will be by advanced reservation only (just to get into the “land”, let alone the rides), so that might deter some people from even trying. Either way, I expect phase closures every day, and SB lines for everything will be higher than anything we’ve ever seen.

If they don’t do some sort of reservation system, I am anticipating people lining up at 4:00 or 5:00 AM just to get into the park, 3 or 4 hour lines just to get into SWGE, and 4-plus hour lines for the rides themselves.

It’s too far out to make solid plans yet, but I am reserving my last day for just SWGE (and another day for the rest of DHS). But as the time gets closer, if it’s just TOO nuts, I may just write DHS off completely and enjoy the other parks - and hit DHS on another trip a few years down the road…

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We don’t actually know for sure that it will be open by then.

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That’s very true. But by virtually no one’s definition of “late Fall” includes December, and the general consensus is that it would be a PR nightmare if Disney had to backtrack on “late Fall” and change it to “new for 2020…”

Agreed, but general wisdom seems to suggest it will be 21st Dec which isn’t the early weeks. I personally do think it will open in Jan 2020, but even then I think lots of people will have booked Dec 2019 intending to see SW and though some will postpone if it looks like not being open, most probably won’t. So I guess in that sense it will still be causing crowds if it’s open or not.

I’m just going to wait until Jan or Feb 2020 to go. If they in fact open it in Dec 2019, it’s going to be insane. Now that I think about it, it might be just as bad in Jan or Feb so maybe Sept 2020?

I’m hoping to get some kind of preview as to how things will play out when SWGE opens in California first. And the fact that it is opening there first is the only thing that MIGHT make the first year of SWGE at WDW bearable because it doesn’t have to accommodate EVERYONE who wants to see it. Even with our trip in December 2020, I’m anticipating potentially just skipping it (or at least the rides, unless by some miracle I manage to snag a FP at 60+7).


We are looking at May 2020 for our next trip. I think my family would just want to see SWGE. If we don’t get the rides, oh well. To me it sounds like the land itself will be better than the rides anyway. The initial description for the Millenium Falcon ride makes it sound like it could make me sick.

My guess for it opening would be right before Christmas, which is very late fall. And I think California’s opening is going to much worse than DW. I truely think the ultimate Star Wars fans are going to head there since that opens first.

I was thinking about this the other day. Flight of Passage was the only one in the world. SWGE will be one of 2. So once would think some people would choose to stop at DL instead of WDW since the two SWGE areas are, I think, going to be clones of each other.

MIght make it bearable.

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Spoken, of course, infused with a tone of desperate hope! :wink:

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I am of a seriously split opinion of whether I hoping that SWGE will be open in early Dec or not. Sure I’d love to see it, but planning (and crowd management) will be so much easier if it isn’t a factor. I’m kind of hoping that it may be during the rumored “paid ticketed preview” period; I am typically philosophically opposed to any “up-charge” events, but this is one that I would consider…