December 11 month studios

This morning I had an alert set up for a Copper Creek studio. I have since changed my mind, but I could not get into the website at 8 (the website was down for everyone). I just finally got in, a little before 10. I am not surprised that all the CC studios are gone. I was surprised that there are 1 bedrooms (I never saw them last year). I will say I am shocked that I cannot see any studios at BWI. They are all gone.

The lowest point studios at BW are the first to go at 11 month mark pretty much all year round, there’s not many of them.

I understand that but there are no boardwalk or Garden views at exactly 11 months either. I have never seen this before. I am sure some will open up but there were studios at GFV, BCV, BLT. None at CC, BWI (at all) or BR.

The CC one-bedrooms are now gone too-- only Cabins can be booked

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Crazy! I saw the GFV studios were gone earlier too.

I took a quick look and it honestly does NOT (typo corrected) look like what i expected, from my recollection for at least the last few years. the first week nov. 29 sun to dec. 4 fri have availability but that first week usually will have some. But the entire week from today’s 11 month windows showing as unavail is odd. Garden/pool view studio

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Today is 11 months from the 5th so no availability. I only owned CC last year and tried to book a studio this same weekend last year. BWI had availability last year this weekend (and had it for a number of days after 11 months). There are 92 dedicated studios at BWI and an additional 149 LOs. I suspect some people are walking and they will open up- but this is crazy. I think the lesson everyone should take from this is that if I add another contract assume there will not be any studios in December at that resort too- fair warning all!

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It is odd, and i think you right be right about reservation walking although i thought they had a found a way ti limit that? or punish it at least. That first week of December having availability is normal, it’s been a good week to go in the past. I started to look to see if any other resorts were having renovations and limited the total amount available but didn’t see anything like that.

wait, i just did another check on beach club for giggles and now boardwalk is showing availability dec 6-11

i think DVC reservations system is messed up

I hope so! Unless people are dropping. BCV was available when I looked this morning. I was so mad at myself- I added a BWI contract so I wouldn’t have to worry if I wanted to go in December!

I have decided not to go but if I want to next year I want to be prepared. Also, it doesn’t like the 2021 point change was changed at all for this time of year so I don’t think this will change.

Not from dropping, what i am seeing is a glitch. i put in a week toward end of november and when viewing the calendar there it shows dec 5-11 as waitlst. i then went back in and put in the dates dec 5 - 11 and it then shows as available.

so if you select dates starting at the window dec 5th it gives more availability then if you browse the calendar from a different week.

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Thanks! The issue with the website this morning must be impacting it. This morning I tried from both the homepage “check availability” and the planning drop down.

i think it’s either a change in how it shows the 7 days that just opened up or i hadn’t noticed this design before… the dec 5th through 11th dates arent the color of waitlist… they are dimmer, almost grayed out when browsing the calendar…

but when selecting those dates it changes the view…

has it always been like that? i don’t recall seeing that grayed out look for the first 7 days of the window

well, good luck with getting your picks!

I think it is just that the 5th is not available but the other days are. Thanks for your help! Funny a standard 1 bedroom is available!