Dec OI meetup

Going on the tenth, anyone else attending next month?

I am so jealous!

Yes! I am going on the 10th also.


We’ll be there on the 10th also! Four ladies in kitschy Christmas wear.


I’m going with a friend too. I have been meaning to ask her about matching shirts. :joy:

It was definitely a spur of the moment decision @PT!

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It was a great decision on your part! I have been missing a Universal Christmas so much this year. Enjoy!

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PLEASE give us a trip report!! I’ve postponed multiple OIM events during COVID. I really hope it lives up to the hype…

One big question I have is, “How many items can I get at eat place at a time?”

I’ve heard different things. Ideally, I want to “sample” a lot of things. I’d like to be able to get 2 - 3 entrees at a time and take bites. I don’t usually waste food, but this is probably the best way I’ll ever get to eat all all the places throughout UO