Dec 22- MK or HS start after a night of MVMCP?

Our trip is 12.21 (MVMCP) - 12.26. Staying at GF. (This is my 50th birthday treat to myself). My birthday is in July, but I’m celebrating this one ALL year! (DH and DD 11 and me)
Need help with 12.22 plan after night of MVMCP. We have PH tix - trying trying to decide if we should do FP SSD at HS next morning, then end our day at MK or start with RD ad MK, break, then afternoon FP HS. Then if we are too tired to RD MK that could be cut.
We have another HS half day and planned too with RD. I don’t want to plan a RD at HS, but our crew could handle RD at MK. How much time should we allow for monorail trip GF to MK?

On 12-22, I would probably start with RD at MK and then do afternoon FP at HS. Since you want FP for SDD and that is the 2nd day of your trip, it might be hard to get FP for a morning time, but easier for an afternoon time. Also, MK is the next stop after GF, and it shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes in my experience. You will love the GF! What a great birthday treat to yourself! It is beautiful at Christmas!

The FPP availability for SSD might decide for you.

I’d loosely plan on HS first and then hopping to MK. Since MK has more FPP enabled rides, your chances of additional day of FPP at MK is greater than at HS.