Debating FP+ Parade @ 3pm b/c 1/2 day late start @ MK

Daughter n I arrive at airport at 10am, staying at AoA and plan to hit MK by 2pm. She is 9, first ever trip! I think the parade would be a fun start especially b/c it is a half day and I’m not worried about hitting everything. We have full MK day the 2nd day. With the FP we could ensure a great spot and little waiting. I know alot of people don’t FP parade, but I was curious as to others thoughts especially since its a half day and it’s right around the time I think we will arrive at MK. We could use our other two FP for Splash Mt and Dwarf Mine then grab more after that. We have ADR at Crystal Palace at 6. How efficient are late day FP if you start the day late afternoon? Are FP harder to get late afternoon? Thanks!!!

I think they’re not doing FP+ for the parade anymore.

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Scratch that. Looks like I’m wrong. Maybe I dreamed it.

I was scratching my head at that :slight_smile: myself! It is a FP indeed still.

They do the FP for parades - I wouldn’t use a FP ticket for it myself unless you are going at a very busy time. We did get a good spot for Electrical Light Parade about 15 minutes prior.

Gee I also thought parades and Wishes FPP went away…

Nope - still available.

We arrive Monday Aug 29th. I am still debating the FP, I’m siding towards it though just to make it a fun and easy transition from a day of travel. Parade, then a few rides, then dinner reservations. Day 2 will be the full MK day.

When did the FPP for parades and fireworks resume?

I was so sure it was about to become a paid for premium seating thing…

The parades were still available when I booked FPP on 3/25, even though I had heard they wouldn’t be available. Wishes was not an option, though.

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We did a FP for the FoF parade and I was glad I did. My kids got to be right at the front and some of the characters came over to shake their hands, high fives, wave etc. they loved it, and we didn’t have to wait forever to get a good spot or spend 15 minutes “defending” our good spot.

Thanks for the feedback!!!