Death Eaters

I saw a news article that said the Death Eaters would be in Knockturn Alley on the days that they are having HHN this year. It wasn’t clear from the article if the Death Eaters would only be there during the HHN time, or if they would be there at other times during the day. Does anyone know the answer?

I’ll be at the park during the day on 11/4 (which is the last HHN night this year), but not actually going to HHN.


@darkmite2 do you know the answer to this one? My guess is just HHN

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Hi & Welcome @DRbryant!

Please ask as many UOR questions that you want. I love answering them!!

The Death Eater only come out after sunset when HHN begins…

They put on a show at the Celestina stage and then roam the streets about once an hour.

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This was a highlight for me! They roamed the street looking for guests with wants. A woman in a scooter beat the death eater in a battle! It was so amazing to watch!


I got attacked by one in a corner of Knockturn Alley this year! I quickly turned over my forearm to show my Dark Mark. They paused & then we bowed to each other!

In 2022 I got in a “duel” with one in the sitting area next to Dervish & Bangs / Hagrid’s lockers. The whole area erupted with lights and thunder sounds. I lost! :rofl:

I never like when experiences like these are behind a “paywall” like HHN. However, moving them to DA this year made everything so much better & easier logistically. I hope they stay there!


They started appearing around 4pm in September, so you can see them if you don’t do HHN.


Lovely! because I called RIP tour and asked if they included and it was a resounding No (unless you do private RIP tour which was sold out at this point).

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