Dealing with rain at MK, EP, AK?


So I am very much a sunny, hot-weather person. Our late October trip, which used to seem so far away, is coming up so fast, the days are peeling off faster than I can count down. I know (based on weather websites) that odds of rain are lower than summer/Sept., but it has also been a rainy-er than usual year. I’ve already had a few nightmares that our precious few (and expensive) Disney days coming up are washed out by rain. How can I plan around it/be ready for it? What are your strategies in the various parks, besides simply “poncho up and keep going.” Which outdoor attractions keep going in the rain and which ones should I not waste my time walking to? What do you do? FWIW, my kids will probably be less bothered by rain than I will.


Poncho up and keep going!

Had my best safari ever yesterday in a light drizzle just after a storm.


It rained our whole 5 day trip in May and except for the misery of trying to watch ROL in pouring rain, it was great. If it’s going to be rainy, I recommend sandals rather than tennis shoes. I stepped in a bunch of deep puddles especially at HS when we were there. Also, a baseball cap under the poncho helps to keep rain from dripping on your face. :slight_smile: I’m going in late October too, but I’m not thinking about weather until a few days out. Fingers crossed for no tropical storms or hurricanes for our dates.


Yeah, good point on sandals. If I buy and bring Keens for all of us, maybe that will ward off the rain?


And, I’m glad to hear you still had a great time!!


According to Murphy’s Law, that would be the case…


When outdoor rides are down because of rain try and get as many fpps as possible by modifying. These should turn into anytime fast passes.


Oh, great reminder. Which outdoor rides tend to shut down during rain vs. which ones run in the rain?


Lightening is a large factor.

I know in the magic kingdom the rides to watch:
Dumbo, Astro orbitor, Magic Carpets, Seven Dwarf, Barnstormer, BTMRR, Tom Sawyer I think, maybe splash.

Epcot, Test Track for certain

Animal Kingdom, Tricera Top Spin, Primeval Whril, Everest, Kali River Rapids

I may have missed a couple


Pretty much all outdoor rides shut down if there is lightning in the area. The one exception is Kilimanjaro Safari. It stays running so long as there’s no flooding. We had a great ride on it last week during a full thunderstorm. Fun to see which animals like to stay out in the rain.


When we were in Epcot last May it was pretty rainy, but we found that it didn’t change our day that much. We did have to skip Test Track (boo!), but lots of Epcot rides are indoors: Nemo, Turtle Talk, Living with the Land, Soarin, Frozen, Mission Space, the big golf ball :slight_smile: etc. The WS has lots of cute shops to wander through, too, which will get you out of the rain. My kids LOVED pick a pearl in Japan! I will hope for sunny weather for you, but if you have to have a rainy day, I hope it’s your Epcot day!


I’m pretty certain Disney charges extra for the Rainless Pass (RP). It isn’t free, unlike the Fast Pass Plus (FPP).


This was helpful when I was planning for a rainy forecast. It is not totally up to date but has a ride list that is useful.


thank you!!


We went the last week of October is 2016 and didn’t see a drop of rain, so you never know what might happen.


Yes, we were there in early November 2016 and also had perfect weather, so I am hoping for the same!