Deal alert - 10% off gift cards at Meijer

Today and tomorrow 5/13-5/14 Meijer has 10% off select gift cards, max discount of $50.

Is there any benefit or detriment to using gift cards to pay on my balance well before the October due date? If we pay now and have to cancel, how does the refund work?


Is Meijer actually giving 10% off the price of the card, or are they giving you 10% in rewards to spend at Meijer? (Usually it is the latter.)

In any case, if you pay with a gift card, they would refund to the gift card I imagine. So only buy the gift cards if you know you are going to actually use them eventually!

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10% off the purchase price. Bought two today for $450 each, $500 value.


Interesting! I have to think if there is any value in me doing that! Thanks for the heads up.

In my case, I already have a lot of money in Disney Visa rewards, so I don’t want to over buy gift cards to save some money. The again, it would come to 11% for, since I could buy them on my Disney Visa and get the 1% reward. (Maybe 2% if Meijer is considered a grocery store to them.)

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Meijer is grocery for my chase sapphire, so bet it would be for the chase Disney.

If you fly instead of drive, you could use the Disney rewards for airline credits and use the gift cards at Disney

Awesome! Purchased!

Did some calculations, and just can’t justify taking advantage of this. We have enough rewards to pay for the Christmas party and most of our food…and we are driving down, so out of luck with the flying idea.

Oh well…still, it is a great savings I hope others can take advantage of.

Awesome just got some. Still waiting on 2023 packages to be released, but now deposit is covered.

You can pay DVC dues with your rewards dollars.

Support your local Meijer/Southwestern Michigan in general.

I think we hit our limit with two cards, but the thought of creating a third and fourth mperks account is tempting. Hopefully they run the promotion again soon.

I did it with guest checkout.

Interesting. Can you pay for dues using a gift card?

Guest checkout with no mperks? I thought the deal was via a coupon clipped in the mperks app.

I don’t have a Meijer account at all and was able to purchase through guest checkout on the website. They are physical gift cards coming in the mail but $500 worth only cost me $450. Discount was applied instantly in the online shopping cart.

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It is an option with the other payment methods. I think I used it last year for a portion of our dues.

Thanks for this info!

Did this as well as a guest with no issues! 50 bucks saved. And I hit the limit per customer but I bet if I put in my husbands email I could but another 500 worth without issue.

Knowing that, I ordered $500 worth. In this way, whatever I don’t spend during our trip I can use toward dues.

I just googled Meijer Disney Gift Cards and it let me purchase. No Meijers around so perks don’t help me.