DDP with two rooms


We have two rooms, all adults, and are linked on MDE. If one room gets the DDP, will the credits be only on their MBs? Or would everyone have access to them?


Is it one confirmation number or two?


We booked them together through MVT, but have two reservation numbers. So I’m thinking only the room that books the DDP would have access to the credits, but we’ve never done a dining plan before.


Only those assigned to the room with the DDP will have access to the credits through their magic bands. So if you are sharing the credits, at least one person and/or magic band with the DDP credits will need to be present to purchase a meal or snack.


Thanks! We’d be eating all our meals together anyways so shouldn’t be much of a problem if we do it.


What @Alewis678 said. I was advised here to use an alternate Magic Band to share the credits. That is, give an older, but still active, MB from one of those in the room with the DDP to adult in the room without the DDP. This should work.


If you do as @momfourmonkeys says you will also need the PIN number of the owner of the MB.


Do you need to use the pin for all purchases with DDP credits or just over a certain amount? If you’re just using a snack credit, for example, do you need the pin? (Not that this would be an issue, just curious)


True! Thanks for the reminder.

And you have to use PIN for every transaction


As @momfourmonkeys said, all transactions. It is just something to keep in mind. That MB and PIN would also allow for charging privileges .


Thanks. We’d probably get it on my parent’s room and they’d allow charging privileges anyways. Half the fun is my mom charging to her MB and my dad getting the bill later :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve thought just hypothetically if we did this, perhaps with my sister in law and her family, we could put one of each party on each room reservation so all would have access to dining plan. Would that work?


I believe it would.


Yes. But you would still need to know the PIN, which means full charging privelleges - unless you put a limit on at the front desk.

So say you put DD(14) on your sister’s room and your niece on yours. It would be them who would need to scan and enter the PIN, so they would also be able to charge anything else to the room. But you can put a limit on charges to a band at the front desk.


When we were there in June DD could use her MB to order food and pay for it with DDP but not charge stuff to the room. When we checked it I made sure of this.


If we have two separate packages with two dining plans, do the credits pool or do may parents’ credits end up only on their MB’s and our credits end up only on our MB’s?


If you have one reservation number, the credits will be pooled. Otherwise, the bands for each room will be on those bands only.