DDP: Smoothie as beverage at resort CS?

We will be at Caribbean Beach Resort on free dining in September. This will be our first time on the dining plan. I’ve read some places allow things like milkshakes as the alloted beverage with a dining credit.

I’m wondering specifically whether a smoothie at OPR food court will be included with a breakfast CS meal credit. Has anyone attempted or asked?

We will most likely just pay OOP for a breakfast platter or a hot breakfast sandwich in the mornings and make better use of our CS credits.

I’m not sure what the answer is to your question, haven’t stayed there before, but a lot of us bring breakfast to eat in the room. I usually bring cereal, pop tarts, etc. and then use our credits for lunch and dinner.

We need a hot meal (even just a small serving) with some protein and fat to start the day. My kids and husband would be hangry monsters on cereal and starch prior to a full morning of touring. I’m planning to send hubby and kids (2.5 DD and 5.5 DS) to the food court to grab some quick items while I shower and get ready each morning. We (meaning the kids) are early risers so I’m thinking this should work well to fill them up prior to hitting rope drop each morning. If a smoothie could be included with a CS credit at breakfast it may be worth it to use one CS credit in the mornings and pay OOP for an extra sandwich.

Have you looked up the menu for that CS? A lot of times it will tell you which items are considered snacks. I’ve gotten smoothies at the park for snack credit. I would just price it out. Thinking breakfast would be cheaper OOP. IMO

At resort CS locations smoothies are considered either a dessert or a snack. Breakfast does not include a dessert so you’ll probably want to pay OOP.

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Good to know! Thanks!