DDP question?

Trying to still decide if the deluxe dining plan would work for us. We were thinking of getting it for just my parents (in a separate room)!and sharing the 42 TS. There will be 4 adults, two 11 yo, 6 yo, 5 yo.
We are going to CRT - so 16 credits.
8 at Akershus
6 at TRex (just pay for kids meals)
6 at Rainforest Cafe (pay for 2 kids meals)
6 at another TS in DS

The plan comes with appetizer, entree, dessert…that’s a lot of food. Is it okay to share meals at some restaurants…like not order for our 5 yo and have her share my three course meal? Could we just use 5 credits at a restaurant and buy extra kids meals? Or share 5 meals, but tip for 8 people. I don’t want to offend anyone, but don’t want to order and tip on food we will throw away.

Our big meal will be a late lunch at these restaurants. We are doing breakfast in our room and a light dinner too. I think the plan is around $1,500. So seems good for 2 character meals and 4 other TS meals for 8 people, plus 14 snacks.

Thanks for your thoughts! :slight_smile:

Oh! Is this a flip on your original plan? Yes! You can share meals at any restaurant that is not a buffet. You can also just pay for any kids meals. This is a great plan!

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Yes!! Thanks for remembering!! I crunched the numbers and think this will work great - we will get 6 awesome TS meals, some snacks (the morning smoothie looks great and is a snack at AoA) and it works price wise for us. I’m SO glad to find out that we can share meals. We are also bringing food and doing a small grocery delivery, since we have a little kitchen area.

I’m happy you think it sounds good! Thanks again!

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I agree with PrincipalTinker. This is a good plan. DW and I share meals everywhere on a DDP except at buffets and CRT. It’s plenty of food, especially if you’re sharing with a child. FYI, Via Napoli in EPCOT won’t allow you to share.

I’ve never heard this before; is this a new policy? Their "large’ and “Mezzo Metro” pizzas are specifically designed to be shared… I’ve never eaten anything else there; if I want other types of Italian food, I go to Tutto Italia - so maybe it’s just for entrees?

I think it is no sharing when using the dining plan. If you are paying OOP they don’t care. But you cannot share and use a dining plan credit (deluxe or regular).

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Lizzieanne771 is correct. It’s only when you are using a dining plan credit. If you are paying OOP, of course you can share.