DDP Question

Hello! I’ve been lurking here for a month or two and learning a lot! Been a TP fan for a while but just using Forums, Customized plans and the App for the first time for our August 21-27 trip. Also on the DDP for the first time.

My question involves kid vs. adult TS credits. We have DH and me (adults on DDP), a smallish 10 yr old DD (adult on DDP), and 8 yr old DS (child on DDP). We are doing one date night dinner mid week while kids are at Sandcastle Club (kids clubs seem to be a hard ticket with no DDP accepted). So, since the kids aren’t using their TS credits that night, we thought to do a 2 TS credit (Yachtsman - we like steak) so we still use up 4 credits for dinner - seems more convenient not to have 2 credits just hanging out when we’re a group of 4 - plus, maybe better food than my original plan of Captain’s Grille? Does not seem to be a consensus about this, actually. Anyway :slight_smile:

Question is, presumably Yachtsman will charge 4 adult TS credits, so it’s not exactly the same as the 4 of us eating a meal, DDP-wise. At the end of the trip, I think then we’ll have 2 adult TS credits and 2 child TS credits left for our last TS meal. Reservations are for the 4 of us for Via Napoli for early dinner for this meal. Here are some options I thought of - input, please! Goal is to maximize use of DDP but can supplement with paying OOP if it makes sense.

  1. Adults order adult meals, kids order kids meals, cross fingers and hope they take the two adult and two child TS credits even though DD is “adult.”
  2. DH and DD order adult meals, DS orders kids meal. Pay with 2 adult, 1 child TS credit. I get separate check and pay cash. I know I have to order, though, bc they frown upon sharing there, correct?
  3. Do 1), and if it fails, do 2).
  4. Change date night to CG, using only 2 adult TS credits. Use 3 adult and 1 child TS at Via Napoli. Have two table service credits leftover or find another way to use them.

Hope I explained this all well enough. Also curious whether you think Yachtsman dinner is truly of greater value than CG (versus just costing more!). Thanks for any help!

Option #1 should work

I may be opening a huge can of worms that I didn’t mean to but…

Are restaurant servers going around asking kids how old they are? Unless your daughter looks extremely mature for her age, how would the server know she doesn’t get to use the child’s credit? It may be unethical to some but as long as she is eating the meal she orders, I don’t see the problem.

*I have no children but I have been a server at a non-Disney restaurant. We weren’t allowed to contradict parents unless it was extremely obvious that they weren’t of the correct age.

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Thanks, Kevin and larrielaine. I think we’ll go for it. I wasn’t worried they’d ask her age (and wouldn’t ask her to lie), but thought with the ADR info, they might already “know.” I appreciate the help!

If you run out of child credits, I would order an adult meal and have it split between the two children. I did this at liberty tree tavern. I was paying oop but I don’t think that mattered.

It’s actually not unethical. Program changes that went into effect last year pretty much codify you can use any number of any type of credits at any meal, regardless of who’s eating the food.

The only exception would be “admission” meals (buffets, shows, etc.), where you need to use the proper credit for each guest’s age.

I didn’t realize that, but it is reassuring to hear. I am glad that at TS places where you order off the menu, you have the option to use a child credit for a kids meal regardless of who is eating it. I already paid adult prices for my 10 year old to be on the DDP, so I am glad that, if I want to eat a kids meal to offset my night at Yachtsman, I have the right to do so without feeling shady. And it seemed like Via Napoli was the place to make up that ground because all of our other TS are buffets. Thanks!