DDP QS value

I saw somewhere that in certain circumstances, you can use a child QS dining credit for an adult meal. The example given was the Yorkshire Fish and Chip Shop which only has one portion size so you can use a child QS service credit to get the larger portion. I wondered if this was the case anywhere else? Does anyone have any ideas?

I know the food booths for festivals only do one size of plates, although they tend to be snacks for some items and not QS credits.

As a Brit is Yorkshire is one of the few places I will definitely NOT be eating (not because it is bad, but I want something I cannot easily get at home when on holiday!)

In past times a QS credit was a QS credit and there was no differentiating between kid and adult QS credits. In those times you could use a credit for any QS meal - kid or adult - regardless of who the meal was for. And this was true at all QS locations - a list would not have been necessary then.

I thought I heard that in this most recent iteration of the dining plan that that went away and that there is clear notation on the CM side as to kid and adult credits. I’m not sure anyone has reported back here yet - the plan has only been back operating for about a month now - but hopefully if anyone has they will respond.

My point in replying is just to say that while it was once that way, I wouldn’t rely on it being that way now until we hear otherwise.

I know of a few QS that don’t have a kids menu where kids can presumably order an adult meal with their QS kid credit—

BB Wolf
Blaze Pizza
Casey’s Corner
The QS crepe restaurant at Epcot
Les Halles