DDP inclusion: are these links still accurate?

Searching through archives (and trying to figure out how best to maximize our DDP), I came across a super helpful link that someone posted in the past, but it hasn’t been updated in over a year.

Can someone who has been there more often than me (i.e. EVER) do just a quick glance and spot-check to see if this still matches up with TP’s (which I trust to be up-to-date) menu guide? It would be helpful to me to be able to reference the list, rather than checking menu-by-menu. I just want to be sure our options haven’t been reduced since '14.

Here’s the link: http://www.disboards.com/threads/2014-confirmed-snacks-thread.3215018/

And also, when it says “DDP not accepted” that only means for QS meals, but snacks are still eligible?

Thanks for your time!

Can I suggest that you use the touring plans tool? I hope this link will work: http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/menu_items?search=&location=&category=&snack=true

It should bring you here:

Touring plans has spent a lot of time updating there menus. You can search the site or use the app while you are in the park: go to the home page, click on search menus for items, modify advance search filters.

Suggest away!
I saw that TP list and loved how comprehensive it was. I can’t seem to find that info in the Lines app, though. I was hoping to have something I could reference quickly on the fly in the park - I’m going to try to not be on my phone any more than necessary when we are on vacation, and if there’s a faster way to reference, I want to utilize it. Even if that means a condensed hard-copy list in my purse.

In the app, go to your homepage:

You will click search menus for items

Click on modify advanced search filters

Click on Only show DDP Snacks (you can select location too)

Then you have an updated list with you at all time!

Isn’t Touring Plans great?

You are AWESOME. Thank you for taking the time to walk me through this. Yes, Touring Plans is great. It’s making my life a lot easier. :slight_smile:

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Doing the DDP this year and found this post. SO helpful! Thanks. :slight_smile: