DDP credit conversion

So I heard that you can convert a DDP quick service credit to three (3) snack credits. This would be beneficial for us when we tour Food and Wine around the World on the last day of our stay. However, we are using the Deluxe Dining Plan which only has table service credits, not quick service credits. Does anyone know if you can convert table service credits as well?

Thanks for your help and advice.:taco:

I’d be interested in the answer to this too…I remember last year being told by a CM that TS credits convert into 2 (I think?) QS credits but I don’t remember what they said about snacks etc…

On the deluxe plan you can use your credits for table or counter service so I would guess you could exchange them. You are using the 2 snacks a day the plan comes with?

I’m sure you can because it’s good value for Disney.

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The kiosks must use all three at the same time for the conversion.

Yowza… even if they do that’s a heck of a bad conversion rate though. I wouldn’t count on the f&w booths though. The conversion is restricted to certain locations I believe.

I can’t speak to the Deluxe Dining Plan (we had QS) but I was just there last week and we converted meals to snacks at F&W (as well as Karamell-Kuche, Hellooooo caramel popcorn) no problem. As mentioned, it has to be three snacks all in one transaction but definitely a great way for us to use up meals on our last day.

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We are. I was just thinking ahead. We are doing FW the last day we are there and rather than waste any unused table service credits, I wasn’t sure if we could exchange them.

Sounds like a great plan! Using regular snack credits can be a great value at the booths and seems like a delicious plan to use your unused credits!