DD4 wants me to give her a Rey triple bun hairstyle -- any tips on how?

Anyone given one of their young kids a Rey triple bun hairstyle? I need something relatively simple since I’m not great with hair. I can do a braid but that’s about the extent of my experience.

Disney Parks actually posted a tutorial on how to do this a few years ago. The CM who shows this used to be a blogger here on TP a long time ago before she became a CM.

Rey Inspired Hairstyle Tutorial



That is pretty interesting! I might try it on my daughter’s hair too. She’s been asking me to come up with new hairstyles while we’re stuck at home.

Haha, I did this for myself for Halloween! it took a little while but turned out ok. This pic is from the Halloween costume thread from last year.

My hair is a little past shoulder length. It actually was pretty simple- I just divided my hair into 3 segments, took the top segment and folded it back on itself, then put an elastic band around the base. Don’t make the bun too big and floppy- any leftover hair can go in the next one down. Also make sure that the first one is high up on her head, as you. can see mine was a little lower than it should have been.

There are many videos out there, but they all use the same technique. Then spray the whole thing with hairspray.


My daughter is Rey today. Thanks so much for teaching me how to do her hair. That was the inspiration for dressing up today, which has brought some excitement into isolation.