DCL on-line pricing versus TA pricing

So…for the fun of it, I was pricing out a few DCL sailings to get a direct comparison of costs versus a similar RCCL cruise. The RCCL was definitely cheaper, even after you add in a few of the extra costs they charge for things that Disney doesn’t.

BUT, my question is…aside from “on-board credit” or something like that, do TAs have better pricing than what is listed on-line?

The TA friend we plan to use for our RCCL is able to, for example, get us into a stateroom for about $100 less, PLUS $50 on-board credit, PLUS the booking become (almost) fully refundable up to a certain point compared to booking direct. But, she no longer does DCL cruises, so I’m not sure how to compare.

It is hard to price out a DCL cruise exactly, since we plan to cruise in January 2024, which, unlike RCCL, DCL doesn’t currently show any bookings for. (Not sure when they will release January 2024 dates.)

Most likely, we will just keep our RCCL cruise plans…but we were just toying with the possibility of doing a DCL cruise…but the pricing difference just becomes too big to justify at this stage.

It’s the same

Okay. Thanks. Kinda what I figured.

You’re welcome

What does RCL charge for the DCL doesn’t?

For example, the drink package.

Oh ok, ya I forgot about free soda on DCL.

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I wish DCL had a drink package. This is where we save the most on RCCL compared to DCL. We don’t drink soda (although I did drink the Powerade Zero out of the Freestyle Coke machine on RCCL).

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Beverages (other than alcohol) are free on DCL. Not on RCCL.

I know, but I really only drink water & cocktails! The soda machine doesn’t do much for me :rofl:


I see. Well, I believe that in order to actually make the drink package (meaning for alcohol) on RCCL worth it, you have to drink something like 7-10 drinks a day, minimum…otherwise, it is cheaper to just pay for them one-off. (We watched a whole Royal Caribbean Blog video talking about this, I believe it was.)

So, for a vast majority of cruise guests, the drink package probably doesn’t matter.

If we end up drinking on the cruise would likely be 1 margarita a day. :slight_smile: But I’ll drink plenty of soda.

I agree but I wish there was a happier medium drink package on either line! Like buy 5 get 5 free or something along those lines. I can’t drink 6 drinks in a day every day for a week!

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So…you’re saying you DON’T want a liver transplant???

Lol being hungover on a cruise ship honestly feels like the stuff of nightmares.

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